Hornbæk SUP | Daniel Rasmussen

Getting to Hornbæk from Copenhagen and Elsinore

Photo: Daniel Rasmussen

Located about 55 kilometres (34 miles) north of Copenhagen, Hornbæk is easily reached both by train and by car.

Getting there

One way to get to Hornbæk is by taking the very scenic Øresunds train from either Copenhagen Central, Nørreport- or Østerport station to Elsinore, and then take the small regional train, that depart every half hour on weekdays, along the north coast to Hornbæk St. A trip that takes about 1.5 hours in total.

You could also take the car to Hornbæk, a trip that takes approximately an hour.

Getting there from Elsinore

If you already are in Elsinore, Hornbæk is not far away. You can take the small regional train from Elsinore St. to Hornbæk St. It takes around 25 min.

If you are in a car, it will take around 20 min. to get there. 

Make it a trip!

The Øresunds train goes past many notable attractions along the coast, that make for a perfect stopover on your way to Hornbæk. Gaze on some modern art on Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk or get historical on Kronborg Castle in Elsinore. The choices are many for a quick detour.

Plan your trip. It's easy!

Planning your trip is quite easy: Find schedules, prices and purchase your tickets on www.journeyplanner.dk/.