The new Copenhagen city bike: BYCYKLEN

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Bycyklen is THE next generation of transport for the urban traveller, combining the latest electric smart bikes with convenience, mobility and simplicity of use. Bycykel is healthy for the city, not only saving on CO2 emissions, but our dynamic city bike solution integrates with Copenhagen’s and Frederiksberg's existing innovative transport infrastructure and offers new opportunities and benefits to the cities community.

Tourists can see Copenhagen like a Dane - on two wheels

Climb aboard a Bycykel and experience the sights with a built in GPS the city can be quickly navigated; attractions, museums, events, restaurants, weather and more. Flexible and simple to use for commuters. Commuters who make Bycyklen part of their daily commute can experience a green, healthy and cutting edge alternative. They can choose from flexible options, either using a Bycykel for a whole journey or just part of it.

The Worlds first Smart Bike

The Bycyklen smart bike represents the latest generation of urban electric bikes, combining state-of-the-art mobility, touchscreen computing and GPS navigation all in a stylish and durable design. The Bycykel is ready for anything; no puncture tires, built in lights, adjustable seat, luggage rack, mudguards, 3 speed Sturmey Archer gears and coaster brakes.

• Stylish and durable for maximum ride quality and comfort
• Integrated onboard computer with GPS route planner
for quick navigation
• Every Bycykel has an electric motor with speed settings to
assist in all types of terrain
• Seal of quality: Manufactured by German company MIFA Sangerhausen Bycyklen benefits from high quality production techniques and materials
• Tough and durable: Bycykel onboard computing and GPS is handled by a rugged digital screen that is ideal for extreme work environments manufactured by Getac
• First digital lock from AXA. Flexibility to park the bike anywhere safely and securely - even when no docking points are available

Flexible pricing

Bycklen has flexible pricing, designed to make it easy-to-use and suit the different types of user and their unique journey. Single users can benefit from ‘by the hour’ pricing whilst regular users can ‘subscribe’ with a low monthly payment and benefit from a greatly reduced hourly rate and FREE use for journeys less than 30 minutes.
Single trip DKK 25 per hour
Monthly subscription fee DKK 6 per hour

A complete online solution

The platform delivers all the information that a user needs in a concise easy to use format. It links into a powerful database that can track, manage the users trip and for tourists the system can even create bespoke route plans and inspiring tours of the city to take in all the attractions and sites. Online a user can locate the nearest Bycykel docking station and check the current availability at one of the Bycyklen docking stations in the city.

The Gobike vision of urban mobility

The Gobike system is designed to make getting around the city easy and fun for visitors and residents alike. The system is always evolving and adopting – even learning. This is the unique quality of the Gobike system and why we believe we have something to offer everybody, from tourists, residents, commuters and local authories and councils. We believe the Gobike e-bike sharing system will have a profound effect on urban transportation in the coming years.

Growing by the day

You can currently pick up and drop off a Bycykel smart bike at one of 25 convenient locations across Copenhagen & Frederiksberg, with new locations added monthly we estimate by 2015 there will be 20 to 65 new locations.

Take a ride

If you’re writing an article or reviewing Bycklen please feel free to contact and we can arrange a free voucher for a 24 hour trial period.

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• Bycyklen offers point-to-point travel that seamlessly integrates with existing urban transport

• The Bycyklen smart bike integrates with and displayscurrent timetables

• Easy and simple online booking with an overview of available bikes at each charging station

• Charging stations are located close to existing urban transport for ease of use and journey integration

• The city sites can be viewed all through the smart bikes onboard computer; attractions, museums, events, restaurants, weather and more BYCKLEN



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