Avenue Hotel Instagram cooperation, photo Morten Nordstrøm

Avenue Hotel signs major new Instagram cooperation and becomes the first hotel with only mobile images on the walls

Avenue Hotel is involved in a large Instagram project. The hotel has teamed up with three major Danish Instagrammers @justhanni @mortenordstrom and @sondergaard.
Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Each instagrammer is known on the media to take different and beautiful pictures of various locations in Copenhagen. Avenue Hotel is the first and only hotel that has involved Instagram and who will exclusively be displaying mobile pictures.

The sites of the pictures have been selected by the photographers to provide a local integrated experience of the city for both national and international guests. The images will be displayed at the hotel in both the lounge, the restaurant, the halls and the rooms - and all of them will have a QR code that links to the location as a sort of interactive city guide.

A part of the strategy

This project is a part of the hotel's strategy which involves paying tribute to Copenhagen by giving visitors a different local experience and introducing local spots, that Copenhagen citizens would choose to visit themselves.

"Tourists rarely come to experience the city as a tourist, but want to see, experience and live like a true local. It’s a new angle for tourism and a way of creating storytelling via an interactive city guide," says the hotel's PR & Web Manager Mette Sølvhøj.

The entire project was launched on Thursday, 15 January 2015, where the media, the bloggers and VIPs were invited. The pictures are exhibited in the lounge area and the first floor of the hotel.

Involment of Instagram users

As a teaser for the project, Avenue Hotel and the three Instagrammers each asked all of their followers on Instagram to participate in a special contest, where they could upload their own photo of their favorite spot in or around Copenhagen to their Instagram profile with the hashtag #avenuehotel_mobileonly. A total of 3 winners will be selected. The 1st and 2nd place pictures will be part of the new decorations at the hotel for years to come. The 3rd place will be on display at the hotel for one month. After this, a new Instagram picture will be selected each month to replace the former.

"Instagram is all about sharing, interaction and inspiration, and therefore it was an obvious choice for us to involve all our followers in this project, so that they were able to be a part of the project and contribute with their unique knowledge and favorite places in the city. More than 500 amazing Instagram photos have already been tagged for the project," says Mette Sølvhøj.

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