Significant Increase in the Danish Cruise Business for 2017

For the first time reaching in excess of 1 million passengers - also record passenger numbers expected in five Danish ports
Monday, March 13, 2017

CruiseCopenhagen can report that 2017 will again see a significant growth in Danish cruise business. In fact, for the first time ever, Denmark is expected to welcome more than 1 million cruise passengers and over 300,00 crew members.

The number of passengers visiting the nine Danish ports that are in CruiseCopenhagen in 2016 totalled 866,048; and in summer 2017, brought by 491 cruise ships making calls, it is anticipated the number will increase to 1,051,393. This is an increase of no less than 21,4%.

Other highlights for 2017 include:
• Copenhagen will achieve a record figure of 850,000 cruise passengers, which is an increase of 110,000 from the 2016 numbers. To date the highest figure ever achieved was 840,000 cruise passengers in 2012
• In addition to Copenhagen, the four Danish ports of Skagen with 39,239 passen-gers (10,800 in 2016), Fredericia, 12,087 passengers (6,746 in 2016), Aalborg 31,269 passengers (18,380 in 2016) and Aarhus with 90,806 passengers (71,804 in 2016) will each welcome record numbers of cruise passengers
• All Danish ports will experience an increase in passenger numbers; with the cruise ports outside Copenhagen hosting more than 200,000 cruise passengers.

Claus Bødker, Director of CruiseCopenhagen comments: “Working together with our partners and the cruise lines to achieve these increased passenger figures combined with the extremely positive results established in our 2016 Passenger and Crew Satisfaction Survey makes us proud that our efforts in striving to offer a truly memorable cruise experience, are proving so fruitful.”

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