Roenne, Bornholm - Vikings, crusaders, glass-blowers

Unique nature & cosy atmosphere

For over 1.000 years, this idyllic and picturesque island has been in the crosshairs of Baltic history.

Bornholm has been a home port for the Vikings, a temptation for pirates, and a gathering station for Christian crusaders.

Today, the island enjoys its reputation as probably the most beautiful spot in Denmark, which has helped it become a haven for glassblowers and ceramic artists. But peaceful as it may be, the dramatic and colourful history of the Baltic is always present on this small island, which is brimming with stunning ruins, artefacts and buildings.

In a short day you can visit the crusaders’ huge medieval castle perched on a rock high above the sea; see unique round churches that doubled as defensive fortifications against Baltic pirates; admire stunning rock carvings from the Stone Age; and ponder the significance of the many eerily beautiful bauta stones. Add to that charming small fishing villages that have been here for more than a millennium.

Together these amazing places form a rich tapestry of the region’s history and serve as a perfect introduction to the sights that await on your Baltic cruise.

On Bornholm, you also have the possibility to experience a duel of world class gastronomy when international Michelin chefs compete in the competition “Sun above Gudhjem” in June. Meet star chefs at inspiration seep out to the spectators and food lovers.

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Facts about Roenne
Shore Excursions

Crusader’s Castle and Round Church Tour (4 hours)

Dramatic scenery, the stunning Hammershus crusader’s castle, unique round churches and a charming artists’ village. In four short hours we’ll take you on a grand trip through history.

South Bornholm (4 hours)

Learn about the Soviet occupation of Bornholm, look for great craftsmanship and workshops in the beautiful village of Svaneke, and visit an amazing round church.

Gourmet Bornholm (4 hours)

Sample a freshly-smoked herring (“Gold of Bornholm”) at the herring smokehouse in Hasle, see how it’s made. Visit Joergen the Butcher on his farm, taste the sausages, renowned for their excellent quality.

Local Shopping (4 hours)

Visit one of the most renowned textile artists in Denmark, and have plenty of time to search for stunning glassware and ceramics in the artists’ village of Svaneke.

Island Tour of Bornholm (6 hours)

Here you’ll see all the highlights of the Castle Tour plus the perfect white beaches, the island capital of Rønne, an extra (very charming) round church, and the village of Svaneke.