International news, photo Connie Maria Westergaard

News in English

Around Copenhagen foreign language newspapers are available from many kiosks. For Danish news in English, look for Copenhagen Post or some of the many online Danish news services.

Papers and magazines

Most of the major newspapers from Britain and the US are available in Copenhagen from kiosks around the city. You will also find as many as 120 fashion and lifestyle magazines in English. Copenhagen Central Station and Copenhagen Airport are the best places to get hold of foreign publications.

Film and TV

Many hotels offer international TV channels such as CNN and BBC. Also interviews with foreigners on the news are always broadcasted in the original language with subtitles in Danish. The same goes for foreign films shown on Danish TV and in Danish cinemas.

Danish news in English 

Copenhagen Post Danish news in English You can also find the publication lying around in cafes and the like.
Jyllands-Posten News in English News in English

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