Sustainable Copenhagen

Copenhagen is truly a green city surrounded by water and parks, with climate-friendly citizens to match. Copenhageners excel in combining sustainable solutions with growth and a high quality of life. In fact, Copenhagen was European Green Capital 2014. The ambitious green profile of the city has a clear goal: The City of Copenhagen aims to become the world's first CO2 neutral capital by 2025. Experience it for yourself. Swim in the clean waters of the city’s harbour baths, stay in a sustainable hotel, eat organic, and ride the electric city bikes around the old maritime city.

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European Green Capital 2014

In 2014, Copenhagen was awarded the prestigious European Green Capital by the European Commission as a result of of the city’s ability to combine sustaibable solutions with growth and a high quality of life.

Copenhagen aim at becoming the world’s first carbon-neutral capital by 2025. In 2013, Copenhagen won the world’s biggest design award: the INDEX:Award for its ambitious climate adaptation plan. 

Lean more about Sharing Copenhagen and use the official hashtag #sharingcph.

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Iconic bike bridge, Cykelslangen

The architectural beauty Cykelslangen (The Bike Snake) connects the city and takes cyclists from Vesterbro to Islands Brygge in a cool and comfortable way.  

Bike city Copenhagen

Copenhagen has one of the world's most dedicated bike cultures. In fact, the city has more bicycles than people. Experience the city like a local.

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Film: We Love Bikes!

When visiting Copenhagen you will notice one thing in particular. Practically everybody rides a bike. To school, work and out for a night on the town – in sun, rain or snow. 

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Film: Green Copenhagen & bikes

Copenhagen is truly a green capital. You can swim in the clean waters of the city harbour, stay in a sustainable hotel, eat organic and bike your way around the city.

Organic restaurants

Copenhagen is a green city and that also reflects in the restaurants. Many of the Copenhagen restaurants go for an organic or largely organic menu.

Become captain of your own solar-powered boat

Discover Copenhagen's harbour and canals as captain of your own solar-powered picnic boat. Visit GoBoat for a sustainable, maritime experience.

Area guide: Maritime Christianshavn & Holmen

Relax in a sidewalk cafe, hop on a canal boat and enjoy the views of old canal houses or explore freetown Christiania. Everybody loves Christianshavn!