Winter in Copenhagen

Cool, crisp and sometimes snowy days are part of the Copenhagen winter experience. Always cool and beautiful, our city offers a wide variety of things to see and do – also in wintertime. When time comes for heading inside for a nice meal, be it morning, lunch or dinner, head over to our eat and drink section to find the best cafés and restaurants to safisfy any budget.

Polar winter at the Zoo

Zoo Copenhagen Photo Frank Rønholt
In 2015, Zoo won a “Copenhagen’s Best Experience for Kids” award, and this winter is no exception when it comes to great experiences for the younger ones.

Go behind the scenes in Zoo's Arctic Ring and listen to the zookeepers' stories about the impressive polar animals. You will get the opportunity to see the polar bears work out, the seals being fed, come real close to the wild muskox from Greenland, pet a reindeer and much more.

Understand how it is like to live as a real Sami in the brutal polar atmosphere. Learn the Sami’s hunting skills, and gather arond the bonfire at the Sami’s camp and roast marshmallows and twist bread over the flames. You will also be able to create beautiful bracelets, carve wood, burn patterns and throw a lasso like a true Same.


ARKEN Copenhagen Photo Hanne Fuglbjerg

A feminist whose vision, joy and passion speak directly to people today

Nike de Saint Phalle was born in romantic Paris but grew up in the United States, where she spent her young years modelling. She was just 18 years old when she married the writer Harry Matthews and later had two children.

Underneath the glamorous picture of a nuclear family, she had many physiological breakdowns. The idea of being a housewife stuck forever was unbearable. She therefore dedicated herself to the art, as a rebellion against authority and the citizens’ way of life. She used the art as therapy against her dreams and demons.

Saint Phalle’s artworks deal with many topics relevant to present time. The exhibition focuses on equality, love and personal liberation.

Visit Carlsberg

A tasteful and historic experience not only for beer lovers.

Discover Visit Carlsberg and get to know J.C. Jacobsen’s brewery established in1847. You can walk through the brewery on your own or book a tour guide. Stroll through the brewery where you will relive the history about how the Carlsberg brand evolved from local into a world-famous power-brand. All your five senses will be in play as you smell the beers’ ingredients, explore unique architecture brewing methods, taste the beer and learn about the Carlsberg name.

Bonus: Bring your kids with you during the Danish winter holiday, when they open the doors for many family activities. Ride a horsecarriage and hear the story of the magnificent horses at Carlsberg’s guided tours.

The David Collection

Davids Samling Copenhagen Photo Gianni Berengo Gardini
Experience guided tours and music workshops.

The David Collection is located in the historical Copenhagen, close to the King's Garden. The museum consists of an old European collection, the collection of modern Danish arts, and finally the Islamic collection considered one of the most essential in the Western world.

National Aquarium Denmark, Den Blå Planet

The National Aquarium Denmark Photo Christian Helsted Juul

As Jacques Cousteau said, the sea is "the silent world", but in reality, life underneath the ocean’s surface is full of interesting sounds that humans cannot hear.

The National aquarium has therefore created different music workshops and concerts to embrace and understand the sounds of the sea.

Bring your children to an eventful experience with many exciting activities. The kids will be able to attend instrumental workshops and play on their own instrument. They can participate, under the direction of the Danish jazz musician Benita Haastrup, in an instrument concert with other children. There will be told breathtaking sound stories that reveal the fish’s surprising sounds.

National Gallery of Denmark

SMK Copenhagen Photo Liselotte Sabroe

Travel back in time to the 17th century and experience the spectacular exhibition about the transition in arts from historic and mythological narratives to the presentation of feelings and emotions.

The SMK is the National Gallery of Denmark and is the largest museum in the country. You can explore Danish and International artworks from the museum's 700-year-old art collection.

The exhibition “Tæt på – intimiter I kunsten” also meaning “close to – art with intimacy” expresses the intimacy and sensitivity in the world. In the 17th century, the artists began to express feelings and intimacy in their artworks, which is a unique moment in history to see for yourself.

Bonus info: Until 28 February 2016, the studio is open and you can watch over the shoulders of the museum conservators as they restore one of the Queen’s own private pieces of art. 

Zoological Museum

Misty Cranium Zoological Museum Photo Anders Drud
Get up close and personal with a 17-meter-long dinosaur

Experience the new exhibition "Precious" with the 17-meter-long giant dinosaur, Misty. Dinosaurs have always fascinated people of all ages. At the Zoological Museum, you can experience one of the biggest, as well as other exhibitions including Darwin’s exhibition "Evolution", showcasing the thoughts and observations behind the revolutionary theory of evolution.

Zoological museum exhibits numerous objects from the worlds of zoology, geology and botany and is part of the National History Museum of Denmark.

Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek

Step inside the iconic museum in Copenhagen. The collection is built around the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen, son of the founder of Carlsberg Breweries.

The Glyptotek offers many experiences for childrens and adults like children workshops, treasure hunts and guided tours. You can enjoy an interesting exhibition when the weather is for indoor activities. 
Stop by Café Glyptoteket for a delicious bite to eat or enjoy a full fine dining experience with a view over the beautiful winter garden.

Glyptoteket is located a five minute walk from the amusement park, Tivoli and Copenhagen’s Central Station.

Winter in Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli winter season

In 2018, the Tivoli Gardens will open its door to a new Winter Season, from 2nd to 25th of February, to celebrate the 175th anniversary of the historic Danish amusement park. 

Tivoli Gardens opened in 1843 and was originally a summer event. In 1994, Christmas in Tivoli opened, attracting more tourists to Copenhagen in December and inspiring other amusement parks in Scandinavia to also open at Christmas. In 2016, Halloween in Tivoli was introduced, setting the standard for the Danish way of celebrating this newly acquired festival.

Christiansborg Palace

Lavish royal courts and historical underground ruins

It is hard to imagine that Christiansborg Palace once was built as a fortress to defend Copenhagen against pirates. In 1167, the Palace’s name was Absalon's Castle. Discover the ruins beneath the castle and learn more about the three palaces that followed - two demolished in fires and the current one still standing in all its glory.

Visit the royal reception rooms where Queen Margrethe II to this day hosts state visits, gala dinners and New Year events. Here you will experience enormous, luxurious halls decorated with sparkling chandeliers and historic and magnificent art.

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