Jewish Museum

Jewish Heritage in Copenhagen

400 years of history and culture

The history of the Jewish community in Denmark is an amazing story of creative brilliance and of dramatic rescue during World War II. Among the great Danes of Jewish descent are Nobel-winning physicist Niels Bohr and legendary architect Arne Jacobsen.

The Danish Jewish Museum

A tale of great humanity
The epic story of how most of Denmark’s 7,500 Danish Jews escaped to safety aided by their Danish countrymen during WWII. With interior design by Daniel Libeskind, the museum also traces the 400-year history of Jewish life in Denmark. Guided city tours available.

The Copenhagen Synagogue

Living heritage and culture
‘Blessed be he who cometh in the name of God’ – so says the inscription over the neo-classicist and Egyptian inspired Copenhagen Synagogue. In the open courtyard you also find a transparent and modern Jewish Culture Centre with activities year round.

The Jewish Cemetery, Møllegade

An echo of history
Surrounded by cafés, boutiques and urban life in one of Copenhagen’s lively historic neighbourhoods you find the city’s oldest and perhaps most inspiring Jewish cemetery with graves dating back to the early 17th century. Open Sundays only.

The Museum of Danish Resistance

The struggle against totalitarianism
Spotlighting the Danish resistance movement fighting Nazi occupation during WWII, the museum also highlights those who aided their Jewish countrymen in seeking refuge abroad.

The Machsike Hadas Community

Celebrating the centenary
The Machsike Hadas community celebrated its centenary in 2013. A community synagogue and cultural services are available. For further information visit the website

Guided tours of Jewish Copenhagen

The history trail
Guided tours of Jewish Copenhagen include a tour of the escape route to Sweden many Jews followed during WWII. You can also visit The Church of the Holy Trinity where the Torah scrolls were secretly hidden during the war.

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