Copenhagen planning

If you need that little extra something to make your Copenhagen itineraries amazing, you can find information about suppliers, tour suggestions, city areas, top attractions, reasons to go, images for download and much more on this website.

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Do you need help to sell Copenhagen to your clients? Here is a list of Copenhagen itineraries. Go get inspired!


Øresunds Broen

Incoming bureaus

Organisation of all types of traveling! These bureaus will be with you from beginning to end. 


Looking for a great place to stay while in Copenhagen? Check out our recommended hotels. 


From world-renowned art museums, castles and palaces to parks, statues and adventures for kids. Here’s a list of our recommended attractions.

Guided Tours

Sightseeing suppliers

Don’t know where the good sights are? Get on one of the many guided tours around Copenhagen – all with a different focus. 

Bike rental Copenhagen | VisitCopenhagen

Copenhagen bike rentals

In Copenhagen practically everybody rides a bike. If you want to live like a true Copenhagener, you can rent a bike and cruise around and explore the city on two wheels.