8 tips on Copenhagen from a Golden Keys concierge

Les Clefs d’Or (The Golden Keys in French) is an organization of hotel concierges with 4,000+ members in 80 countries. Founded in France in 1952, it’s a not-for-profit organization priding itself on delivering the utmost quality of service to more than 100 million guests each year, and their services range from everyday stuff to extraordinary experiences. Here, we share 8 tips on Copenhagen by Uffe Sørensen, president of Les Clefs d’Or Denmark (instagram: @lesclefsdordenmark).

#1 Hire a bike from your hotel and see the city on two wheels

Although Copenhagen has a well-functioning public infrastructure, you can’t beat the flexibility you get with a bike. Cycling around Copenhagen will get you the best feel of our city, allowing you to easily reach all the important sights. Plus, it’s the preferred means of transportation of most locals.

#2 Try out the new Noma (once it opens)

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Copenhagen should make a statue in honor of head chef René Redzepi. Restaurant NOMA has helped attract so many prosperous, prominent visitors and foodies to our city, and I can’t wait to see its new location once it reopens by the end of 2017.

#3 Live in the middle of a fairy tale

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Scandinavian design and Moorish aesthetics join forces with classical art and beautiful antiquities at NIMB Hotel, a small boutique hotel inside of Tivoli Gardens featuring 17 unique guest bedrooms and suites (increasing to 40 rooms later this year). Here, attention to detail, the personal touch and unparalleled quality are paramount, and most of the rooms have a view of Tivoli.

#4 Relax in a royal setting

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King’s Garden is a symmetrical park created as a front for Rosenborg Palace. From here, you can follow the preparations of the queen’s royal guards, as their barracks and training grounds are in the corner of the park (I used to be a royal guard myself). Locals use the garden for picnics, sunbathing, studying and games, and there’s also a playground for children. There are plenty of takeaway options nearby, as well as The David Collection (a museum where entrance is free of charge) and Rosenborg Palace itself.

#5 Visit the stylist and hairdresser of the Danish Parliament

Makeup artist and hairdresser Ditte Darville has her salon inside of the Danish Parliament. Not only will you have the same stylist as the Danish political elite – since the salon is on the second floor, you’ll also get a rare glimpse of the inside of one of the most famous and powerful buildings in Denmark.

#6 Find the hidden shopping gems

In the street Bredgade, visit the beautiful jewelry store Rough Diamonds owned by Maya Bjørnsten. She designs jewelry using unpolished diamonds, giving her creations a very personal feel. Bredgade also has many other exciting design shops and galleries. One of them is Klassik, a furniture shop full of Scandinavian design.

#7 Visit the museums

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In Bredgade, you’ll also find Designmuseum Danmark, a must for all design-lovers, including professionals – and especially amateurs. This place will make you rethink how amazing everyday tools and products are created.

#8 Go to a H.C. Andersen-inspired ballet

The H.C. Andersen Experience is a short, fun and beautiful ballet inspired by the most famous fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen (runs from 7th June - 27th August 2017). It’s very kid-friendly, but also interesting enough for regular ballet visitors. The theater is located in the bohemian house Huset i Magstræde, which also houses a board game café and a cozy outdoor area. The street Magstræde is also well worth seeing.

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