Dupong | Bar | Nightlife | Nørrebro | Photo: Dupong

Going out hotspots in Nørrebro

If there is something that Nørrebro understands to master, then it is the nightlife scene. Nørrebro is always a fierce choice if you are thirsty for beer or cocktails and need a good night out. There is something for everyone – except perhaps the really posh types who prefer the city centre. Here is a guide for where to go.

Nightlife hotspots in the centre

Do you like tasteful cocktails, a good glass of wine or a fierce dance party? Copenhagen’s city centre offers something for everyone. End your day in Copenhagen enjoying the wild nightlife, the great cocktails or pub-crawl through the city’s wine bars, clubs and bodegas. Most places are walking distance from each other so the possibilities are many.

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