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Kids height Copenhagen

Copenhagen is a very kid friendly city. You have free places reserved on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants, and of course reductions at all museums, galleries and entertainments. Kids are fully incorporated into the everyday life of the city, which makes Copenhagen a perfect city to visit.

No trip to Copenhagen would be complete without a visit to Tivoli, right in the middle of town. It is a real wonderland for kids of all ages, with its marooned pirate ship, roller coaster rides and shooting galleries.

Tivoli also has Europe's longest salt water aquarium (30 meter) with 1600 colourful, tropical fish and exotic baby sharks swim around in 270.000 litres of water. In Petzi's World you can go on adventure with the Danish cartoon character and his friends Pelle, Pingo, Old Salt and the ship Mary. Explore Pingonesia, the play islands, crawl through tubes and visit the fantasy world in a mini submarine. 

Tivoli is open from mid-April to mid-September and again from mid-November until the end of the year where a colourful christmas market bustling with activities is open for guests. In october the garden is transformed into a colourful, spooky and haunting Halloween world aimed especially at families with children.

For more rides and amusements, just out of town lies Bakken, (open from late March to late August, admission free, but not the fun rides). A well-established pleasure park situated on the wooded outskirts of the ‘Dyrehaven’, this is the perfect place to wander about and for trying Bakken's notorious roller coaster.

Science for kids

Experimentarium, Copenhagen’s brand new Science Center opened in January 2017. Experimentarium is a new version of the original Experimentarium, which opened in 1991 and has thrilled more than 8,2 million visitors through the years. Here curious souls of all ages can explore the fascinating world of science and technology. Two indoor floors with 16 state-of-the-art interactive exhibitions including the Tunnel of Senses, The Labyrinth of Light and the World’s first interactive cinema. Be sure to visit the large roof terrace for outdoor activities, the ”experimental” restaurant and giftshop. Experimentarium is located in Hellerup, just 15 minutes north of Copenhagen Centre. Easy to reach by both train and bus. 

Continuing the scientific theme, there's the Tycho Brahe Planetarium. In it's impressive building at the end of the city's string of lakes, the Planetarium boasts an Omnimax theatre, which projects a hemispherical image within its dome. As you sit in the reclining seats, it's impossible not to physically experience the movie showing; be it an underwater safari or a trip on a roller coaster.

Copenhagen is also the proud owner of a major Zoo with all that that entails; Lions, giraffes, seals and an Elephant House. Probably the most popular, though, are the Monkey House, Children's Zoo and the Night Zoo where day is turned into night. In 2013, the Zoo opened a brand new arctic area, called the Arctic Ring, praised for its architectural design.


Just outside the city lies Denmark's Aquarium with its tropical and sea-water landscape tanks filled with fish and aquatic mammals from all over the world.  A new great feature is the new aquarium The Blue Planet, which opened in 2013. Thus much anticipated building designed by Danish architects will be overlooking the Øresund and will connect land and sea, drawing both the great outdoors and visitors inside.

The Tøjhus Museum or Danish Defence Museum is also an unexpected hit with kids. Perhaps the Dungeons and Dragons iconography of double handed swords and suits of armour has something to do with it.  The Hans Christian Andersen Museum offers a trip into the life and fairy tales of the famous writer, who was born in 1805.

From May through September you can sail with Strömma canal tours to Trekroner Fort, where children can go on discovery through the basement tunnels under the fort with a flashlight, hear spooky stories and see a film about the battle of Copenhagen with Lord Nielson both in English and Danish.

Children's galleries

Art galleries have never been particularly kid friendly, or for that matter particularly interesting for kids themselves. That has changed with the National Gallery's (Statens Museum for Kunst) Children's Gallery. The idea behind this addition of the art museum is to teach children the values in art, but on their own terms. Featuring selected original works from the permanent collections, workshops and a cinema, the Children's Gallery gives kids an insight into various creative processes.

Arken Museum of Modern Art has a Children's Room that's a bit smaller that Louisianas. It offers various activities. You can read children's books or create a drawing and hang it on the wall. The first Sunday of every month is children's Sunday at Arken. From 11.00-16.00 a guide tells about the different exhibitions and takes part in the activities at hand.

As a visitor with kids in Copenhagen it's not difficult to keep both yourself and them entertained. There are now many children friendly museums, where it's designed to be interesting both for you and the kids. The National Museum for example features a special kid's section that was renovated and improved in 2009.

Swimming and exercising

A perfect way to round off the day could be to visit Vandkulturhuset at the so-called DGI-town, Copenhagen’s new sports and cultural centre. Vandkulturhuset includes a new swimming bath with lots of fun for children – young and old. Take a swim in the bassin formed as a super-ellipse, play in the kids’ bassin or the water experimentarium with diving and climbing areas, or relax in hot water baths with spa, etc.

The Lego Group, one of the world's best-known Danish toy manufacturers has a Lego Flagship Store in the centre of Copenhagen. It is situated at Vimmelskaftet 37, on the famous pedestrian street strøget: with a "Pick-A-Brick Wall" of Lego bricks in a variety of colours and shapes.

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Fun attractions for kids

Copenhagen is a city for kids. Reserved places on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants and art museums in kids' height.

Kid-friendly restaurants

Many of Copenhagen’s cafes and restaurants have special children's menus, and provide a special high chair for toddlers.

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Fun attractions for kids

Copenhagen is a city for kids. Reserved places on buses and trains for prams and pushchairs, children's menus in restaurants and art museums in kids' height.