Hotel guests get a morning run and a local tour

Arthur Hotels has offered guests a free running club on a trial basis for the past year. The running club has been such a huge success that we are now expanding it to five days a week. This will give many more of the hotel’s guests the opportunity to experience Copenhagen in a unique way: to watch the city come awake while exercising with club members and local Copenhageners who know the city like the back of their hand. Arthur Running meets outside Ibsens Hotel early in the morning. The free morning run is guided by Christina Heick, a running expert with Denmark’s premiere fitness magazine, IFORM.
Tuesday, February 12, 2019

For many people, going for a run is a regular part of their exercise regimen. And so, of course, they bring their running shoes with them when traveling. Even when traveling for work, with very little room in their schedule between meetings, it is often possible to find time for a short run. But when visiting a new and strange city, many people have trouble staking out a good running route. Now, Arthur Hotels is giving their guests a chance to get their run in first thing in the morning – with local residents and hotel staff as their running partners and tour guides. Arthur Running is headed by the skilled running coach Christina Heick and her team of assistants, who make sure to get everyone’s hearts pumping while showing off our great city. 

The city as a running track

Arthur Running takes a different route every day, through some of Copenhagen’s most unique oases. And we keep things fresh with fun extra activities, like triceps workouts at BaNanna Park’s fun climbing wall, burning those thighs at The Black Diamond or swinging across the monkey bars in the Søren Kierkegaard Library’s garden. This makes for an interesting experience for hotel guests and locals alike.

"Running with others is why many people enjoy being in a running club. And once you’ve developed a taste for witnessing the city wake up and the sun rise over the rooftops to the feeling of the morning mist against your face, it’s not hard to crawl out from under the warm hotel duvet,” says running coach Christina Heick.

Runners are taught correct running techniques, the basics of a healthy running economy and optimum muscular training, all with a view to becoming a better runner, at home and abroad. Christina Heick also shares advice on running shoes and gear on the Arthur Hotels Facebook page, where you can follow Arthur Running. Participation is free and everyone is welcome – regardless of your fitness level.

Hotel Kong Arthur and Ibsens Hotel are situated in the Nansensgade neighborhood and have maintained close ties with the locals for many years. The hotels are firmly anchored in the local community, actively participating in community events and collaborating with local designers and artists when looking for new editions to the hotel’s decor. Arthur Running is part of a collaboration with the Nansensgade neighborhood, which Arthur Hotels wishes to continue to be an active part of the community.

Where and when:

Tuesday–Friday 6:30–7:30 a.m. and Saturday 7:30–8:30 a.m. Meeting point: Outside Ibsens Hotel, Vendersgade 23, 1363 Copenhagen
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