Kødbyens Mad & Marked

Food market opens in Copenhagen’s Meatpacking District

Mark your calendar for Saturday 4 April 2015. That is the launch of Copenhagen’s new food market in the historic meatpacking district. Open every Saturday and Sunday in the summer, the Market will pay host to 70 food stalls, thousands of guests and tons of fresh produce and homemade goods. A local market with a global appeal for visitors to the city.
Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The meatpacking district - known in Danish as Kødbyen - was once an area exclusive to butchers and wholesalers, but it has undergone a remarkable transformation in recent years. Located in the vibrant Vesterbro neighbourhood, it has been a buzzing centre of culinary activity, with a slew of new dining spots set to open in 2015. Inside the old white-tiled butcher’s shops you will find restaurants serving anything from native Danish oysters to sourdough pizzas and dim sum.

And now the meatpacking district will have its own weekly food market. Stall costs will be kept as low as possible to attract traders who sell honest food that fit the consumers’ needs and budget. The market should be a hub of activity for the whole city, for those championing and cherishing the feel, smell and taste of great produce.

Market goods will be highly diverse and the common denominator is accessibility; you can eat a satisfying lunch at the communal tables or buy whatever ingredients you need to cook dinner, without having to stop by the supermarket on the way home. It will be a place that offers the right meal and the right ingredients at the right price.

The project is managed by three friends - Christian Lundgaard Astorp, Simon Bacon Aldinger Kullegaard and Jacob Uhd Jepsen - who have worked in finance, communication and market administration.

“All those Copenhagen people who have a budding chef or food entrepreneur hidden inside, we want to see what they can do now they have a platform to showcase their ideas,” says Simon Bacon Aldinger Kullegaard. “We want to see what our favourite restaurants, cafes and greengrocers can come up with when we take them out of their comfort zone. We want to attract farmers from the countryside and give city people - the kids, the young and the elderly - a market that is in line with their aspirations and needs. We are happy and humble to launch an experience that should have a positive effect on Copenhagen for years to come.”

Stall costs are priced at 625 kroner per week for fresh goods and 750 kroner for prepared food. You can book a stall for a single Saturday or Sunday, for a couple of times a month, or for the whole season. Any option is possible. This is in order to facilitate seasonal products and to make sure that there will always be new and exciting stalls on the market.

“You will never be greeted by quite the same selection of stalls,” says Simon Bacon Aldinger Kullegaard. “Diversity means everything to us and this has to be supported by a flexible booking system and the dynamic nature of the market. We are making it easy and accessible for the pioneers behind the stalls and the customers in front.”

The market - Kødbyens Mad & Marked - kicks off on Saturday 4 April and runs every Saturday and Sunday until 26 September. Furthermore, the plan is to host a monthly Sunday market with a specific theme. Outside of market season, there will be another monthly event to facilitate seasonal highlights such as Christmas.

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Contact information

Simon Bacon Aldinger Kullegaard
Tel.: +45 2284 6788
Email: simon.bacon@koedbyensmadogmarked.dk
Web: www.koedbyensmadogmarked.dk

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