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Copenhagen Street Food – A cheery, colourful and affordable street food market

Copenhagen Street Food on the Paper Island will soon contain 38 international food trucks and containers at the food market in the heart of Copenhagen Harbour.
Sunday, May 18, 2014

Copenhagen Street Food opened the 2nd of May 2014 in an old warehouse, which was originally used for paper storage, hence the name of the island. From the 1st of January, the street food market will consist of 38 unique food stalls. Thus, far over 500.000 people have visited Copenhagen Street Food, enjoying the wide variety of street food, the sun on the quay and the wonderful view to the Royal Playhouse and the Opera House. As a bonus, over 200 jobs have been created.

Street food spiced with creativity and music

At Copenhagen Street Food, you can enjoy different kinds of international street food from countries such as Korea, Japan, Turkey, Colombia, Mexico, Cuba, Italy, France and Denmark. The idea is to create a colourful platform for the people, where you as visitor can get a cheap tasty meal. During the weekends, you can take part in events such as music festivals, exhibitions, or flea markets and enjoy music by regularly-scheduled DJs. It will always be a new experience every time you visit Copenhagen Street Food, which is based on the values "Genuine, Honest and Aesthetic". 

“With Copenhagen Street Food we’ve managed to create a huge culinary forum where people can try out all kinds of different dishes at prices ranging between DKK 20 and DKK 100. With all the different vendors there is an ample opportunity for everybody to try cuisines from all over the world all at the same urban restaurant,” says Niels Bjørndahl, Chairman of the Board, owner of Pølse Kompagniet.

A creative community

The Association Copenhagen Street Food runs the food market. The aim is to create a colourful and folksy platform where it is both affordable for the visitors to get a tasty meal and inexpensive to run a small business. The street chefs have very different backgrounds. Some have long experience as restaurateurs, including the co-founder of Sticks ‘n’ Sushi, Jens Rahbek, who has the Japanese stall Yatai by Jens Rahbek. On the other hand, many are first-time restauranteurs, as the aim has been to create a platform where people can meet and make new ideas come true.

"Our ambition has been to create a street food market in Copenhagen with an atmosphere as one would experience at festivals and markets abroad, where the food truck culture is widespread. Our attention is mainly aimed at the smaller entrepreneur, but likewise, chefs with long experience - from the man with a taco truck, or Thai kitchen to the woman who serves Danish food from local produce. Our ambition is that people exchange experiences and create new concepts,“ says Jesper Møller, Co-founder.

Reuse and sustainability

Copenhagen Street Food will exist from 2014-2018 on the Paper Island, since plans are in process for the island and the warehouses to be demolished at the end. Therefore, Copenhagen Street Food focuses on reuse of old material such as shipping containers, caravans, old wood and windows from demolished buildings in Copenhagen, which can be re-used after 2018. To avoid the cold wind from the sea, a 45-meter long wall is insulated with Danish mussel shells. Furthermore, the association focus on sustainable solutions.

”Our Sustainability Group organises eg. the purchase of local products to reduce transportation. Our aim is to be 30-60 percent organic. Furthermore we have sustainable packing, while trash is separated and sold to different purposes, such as making floors, since the environment is a key concern to us,” says Jan Fruergaard, member of the ssociation’s Sustainability Group and owner of Tallerk.


As a real island community, Copenhagen Street Food has introduced its own currency called CowCash. 1 CowCash has a value of DKK 25 (3,4 Euro) per coin, which is purchased from Copenhagen Street Food. It can be used in all food stalls, which also accepts cash and cards.

Support The Original Red Danish Dairy Breed

The name and look of the currency are inspired by the Original Red Danish Dairy Breed at the biodynamic farm Thorshøjgaard. In September 2014, Copenhagen Street Food gave DKK 400.000 as support for the conservation of the breed. Thus, when you buy water at Copenhagen Street Food you support the Original Red Danish Dairy Breed and Thorshøjgaard with DKK 5 (0,7 Euro). You will see the cow represented in Copenhagen Street Food’s decorations in the warehouse and in the logo made by the Danish comic artist Anders Morgenthaler, member of the Street Food Council.

Go exploring - while the waiter fills your glass 

Everyone is welcome at Copenhagen Street Food! Feel free to drop in and seat yourself, either outside while the sun is shining or by the fireplace when it is not, or you can make a reservation in the greenhouse. With a reservation, you get a table and a waiter will welcome you and seat you. The waiter gives you a map, list of the stalls and take your order of beverages while you go and get the exactly the kind of street food you want from the vendors. You can order CowCash from the waiter too. At Copenhagen Street Food you can make reservations from 1-1000 people.

Facts – the quick version

The Association Copenhagen Street Food

The Association Copenhagen Street Food - For the conservation of the Original Red Danish Dairy Breed and Thorshøjgaard

The Association Copenhagen Street Food is a group of street chefs who aim to create and promote international street food cuisine and sustainability. This includes a contribution for the conservation of the Original Red Danish Dairy Breed and the biodynamic farm Thorshøjgaard. Copenhagen Street Food has already given DKK 400,000 (53.683,54 Euro) to the foundation Thorshøjgaard. Copenhagen Street Food's vision is to create a public food market which appeals to the entire population with a focus on food, art, culture, music and public activities with the starting point of these principles:
"Genuine, Honest and Aesthetic". 

Documentary: Good Things Await

The documentary “Good Things Await” about the farmer Niels Stokholm and the biodynamic farm Thorshøjgaard by Phie Ambo was launched in September 2014. Niels Stokholm is one of the most idealistic farmers in the agricultural country of Denmark. But Niels' ways of farming in accordance with the planets and the primal instincts of the animals are not too popular with the authorities. They are threatening to withdraw his license to keep cattle, buildings and deteriorating and with no successor to take over. Niels Stokholm is seeing risk of his life to fall apart…  In the documentary you see how Niels Stokholm accepts the establishment of The Association Copenhagen Street Food and its support to Thorshøjgaard.

Good Things Await has its the world premiere on the 20th of November 2014 at The International Documentary Festival Amsterdam and is sold to television stations in The Netherlands, Sweden, Finland Poland, Iceland and Denmark.
Read more about Good Things Await:

Nominated to The Danish Experience Economy Award

Copenhagen Street Food has already been nominated to the Danish Experience Economy Award –
The Lily Award 2014.

Total area

The warehouse has an area of 2300m2.

Visitors 2014

More than 500,000 guests visited Copenhagen Street Food by mid-October, 2014.


Copenhagen Street Food has created about 200 jobs.

Opening hours

During the Winter season we are open 5 days a week: Wednesday through Sunday, closed Mondays & Tuesdays.
Spring and Summer season: 7 days a week. 

For specific opening hours visit:

Price for a meal

DKK 20-100  (3-13 Euros).


Feel free to drop in or make a reservation in the greenhouse at

For groups larger than 10 people – please contact:


5 minutes by bike from Højbro Plads in the centre of Copenhagen

3 min walk from 9A stop on Prinsessegade/Bodenhoffs Plads

15 min walk from Christianshavn’s metro

A bridge from Nyhavn to The Paper Island for pedestrians and cyclists expected to be finished around Spring 2014.

Transportation by boat 

Water bus 993 sails directly to the Paper Island in shuttle from Nyhavn - Experimentarium City - The Opera. 
More info on:

Canal Tours has stops in front Experimentarium: More info on


The Paper Island has a covered parking area and several of paid parking spots. In total the island has 180 parking lots.

Please note that special traffic regulations are in effect for the whole area.

More info:


Copenhagen Street Food 

Warehouse 7 & 8, Trangravsvej 14 

1436 Copenhagen K 

Web: //
Social media:


Twitter: cph street food

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