The Hans Christian Andersen statue at the City Hall

HC Andersen's Copenhagen

Hans Christian Andersen arrived in Copenhagen in 1819 and several of the places that were the centre of his life can still be visited today. Among these The Royal Danish Theatre, which played a huge role in his life as well as some of the cafés and homes he frequented. H.C. Andersen spent the majority of his life living in three different houses in Nyhavn and here he wrote some of his first fairy tales.

Special themes

Experience Copenhagen in a special and unique way that fits your specific interest or need, whether it is following in the footsteps of yesterday's Vikings or today's hipsters, whether it is trying to experience as much as possible on a tight budget or seeing Copenhagen from a different angle, like maybe from above or below. We have put together several guides to doing something a little different while in Copenhagen.

Vikings, photo Frederikssund Turistbureau

Vikings' Copenhagen

All Scandinavians have a little Viking blood in their veins. The Vikings were Norse explorers and merchants, warriors and pirates who raided and raped their way through Europe from around 800 to 1066. They settled all over Europe, some areas in Asia and the North Atlantic. Thus you will find Viking descendants and archaeological finds in many parts of the world. A lot of myth surrounds the Vikings.

The view from Christiansborg Castle's spire

Free things to do in Copenhagen

You do not have to miss out just because you are travelling on a tight budget. With our Copenhagen Card you even get free entrance to lots of attractions and public transport. So if you're planning to visit just a few of the major attractions, remember to see how much you can save.

The ruins under Christiansborg Castle, photos SLKE

Copenhagen underground

Have you ever thought about what Copenhagen looks like below the surface? Take a tour of the ruins underneath Christiansborg Castle and discover a castle underneath a castle underneath another castle, namely the ruins of Bishop Absalon's Castle from 1167 and the fairytale Castle of Copenhagen, which was demolished in 1731. Another underground gem is Cisternerne - Museum of Modern Glass Art, located below Søndermarken park and built in Copenhagen's old water reservoirs.

TV & film locations, photo Tim Harden

TV & film locations

Danish TV series, especially the dark and thrilling kind, have attracted an international audience in recent years.

Skydebaneparken | Photo: Ty Stange

Bring the kids to Copenhagen's playgrounds

Copenhagen is a city for kids and their families, and thus there are plenty of parks and playgrounds in Copenhagen. So if you feel like taking the kids to a cool playground, then follow this guide to the best play areas in the city.

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark | Rasmus Hjortshøj

Copenhagen autumn guide

Autumn is a beautiful and vibrant time of year to visit Copenhagen. In the city's many gardens and parks, the leaves change colours and you feel the refreshing breeze.

Distortion | Shahab Mirsadri

Get inspiration for this summer in Copenhagen

From splashing around in the harbour's clean water to picnics in King's Garden, people will enjoy the city’s many offerings just a bit more. Join a street festival, have fun with some water activities and get dinner outside to take in the beautiful Nordic summer nights. This essential summer guide to Copenhagen will help you find the perfect spots to experience that special summer atmosphere in Copenhagen.

New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

New Year's Eve in Copenhagen

A romantic dinner with your special someone or a wild New Year's Eve party with your friends – you will find it all in Copenhagen! Many of the city’s hotels and restaurants stay open with festive events on the last day of the year, and bars and discos invite you celebrate the end of the year in style. See our guide to Copenhagen nightlife for more inspiration to the big night out.

Strøget | Photo: Morten Bjarnhof

Copenhagen when it rains

Danish weather can be tricky but do not worry. There are plenty of things to do in Copenhagen on a rainy day. The days are perfect for a visit to a museum and also a great excuse to go shopping.

We also recommend our guide to top 30 attractions in Copenhagen.

Photo: Tuala Hjarnø

Top 10 gardens & parks

Copenhagen has many parks and gardens that are perfect places to relax, sunbathe, go for a stroll or have a picnic. The King’s Garden is a popular spot for Copenhageners and Frederiksberg Gardens has a Chinese gazebo, open spaces and canals. Besides, some of Copenhagen's cemeteries are commonly used as green breathing spaces perfect for a walk and relaxation.

Islands Brygge harbour bath | Photo: Nicolai Perjesi

Baths & beaches in Copenhagen

In Copenhagen you are never far from a beach and during summer you can also go for a swim in the many centrally located harbour baths. Amager Beach Park offers 4.6 kilometers of white sand beach, Islands Brygge Harbour Bath has five basins and Urban Beach offers sand, sweaty beats and drinks.

View from The Round Tower | Photo: Adrian Cowo

Find the best viewpoints in the city

Copenhagen is a city full of life and beautiful buildings. Explore it all from a whole new angle – from above! Children and other playful spirits can feel their stomachs tickle when the Star Flyer in Tivoli takes you 80 metres above ground. Watch the buildings get smaller and enjoy a panoramic view of Copenhagen. Not too keen on speed and wind in your hair? Then make your way up to the City Hall Tower or Round Tower in inner city.

Falkoner Cinema | PR Photo

Cinemas in Copenhagen

A trip to the cinema is perfect on a rainy day in Copenhagen. The cinemas in the city are very different in terms of size and which movies they show. Watch a documentary in Cinemateket, a French classic in Grand or an action movie in Imperial.

Attractions in Copenhagen, photo Klaus Bentzen


From world-reknowned art museums, history museums, castles and palaces to parks, statues and adventures for kids. Copenhagen has attractions and sights to suit every taste and interest – and most of them are within walking distance. The three most famous attractions in the city are most likely the more than 100-year old amusement park Tivoli Gardens, the statue of The Little Mermaid, and the freetown of Christiania. But Copenhagen has a lot more to offer.

The Bridge. Photo: Baldur Bragason / SVT

The Bridge

The Danish-Swedish crime TV series The Bridge, with Saga Norén (Swedish actress Sofia Helin) and Martin Rohde (Danish actor Kim Bodnia) in the lead roles, has been successful beyond Danish and Swedish borders.

Photo: Tine Harden

The Killing

Follow in the footsteps of The Danish TV series The Killing - season 1 and its main character vice detective in homicide Sarah Lund, as she struggles to solve the brutal murder of high school student Nanna Birk Larsen. The trail and the consequences of a cruel crime spreads far and wide in Copenhagen, and the investigation opens Copenhagen like a Chinese box - full of dark secrets and power struggles.

Copenhagen at war

The German occupation of Denmark during World War 2 lasted from 9 April 1940 to 5 May 1945. Despite that official Denmark practiced no military resistance, but instead cooperated with the German occupiers, the Danish resistance movement fought with their lives at stake for Denmark's freedom. Recently, the activities of the resistance movement, who received British weapons, were depicted in the film The Hvidsten Group.

TV series Borgen, photo DR


"It's brilliant, it's Danish – and it's got knitwear!" - These are the words by Sam Wollaston in the The Guardian 7 January 2012. The Danish hit TV series Borgen is nicknamed after Christiansborg Palace, which houses the Danish parliament and is the main location in the series.