Meet bisexual Michelle

”I love that Copenhagen is so rich on cultural offers,” says 27-year-old Michelle, who has lived in Copenhagen the majority of her life. For a number of years she lived outside the city, but the young student always finds her way back to Denmark’s charming capital. “I wouldn’t have it any other way”.

Malene in front of Cafe Oscar

Meet transgender Malene

”You’re not supposed to live a long unhappy life”, states 56-year-old Malene. A year ago she underwent gender reassignment surgery in order to take the final step towards becoming a woman. “I needed a body to match my mind”.

Christoffer in Studiestræde in inner Copenhagen

Meet homosexual Christoffer

"I like the fact that there is so much to do in Copenhagen, and there is a great diversity in the people here", says 22-year-old Christoffer, who was born and raised in the Frederiksberg area of the city. He has never doubted that Copenhagen is where he belongs. "I'm a city man! I would miss the cool cultural offers and the diversity if I lived anywhere else in Denmark".

The rainbow family Rosa, Mette and Liva

Meet the rainbow family Rosa, Mette and Liva

”We can’t imagine living anywhere else,” says Rosa, who was born and raised in the city area of Frederiksberg. Mette, who is originally from Vejle in Danish Jutland, adds that the diversity in Copenhagen as well as the city’s ability to embrace all sorts of people was one of the main reasons why she moved to the city in the first place. “I needed a place that was a little more openminded and free, and I found that in Copenhagen”.