Accessible Restaurants

The restaurant scene in Copenhagen is among the world's most distinct and innovative, and it caters to all budgets. When dining out, try the much appraised Nordic kitchen at least once. It is known for being of high quality and with a focus on using local and seasonal produce. Be inspired by our list of accessible restaurants.

Hellerup Klub | PR photo

Restaurants in the Hellerup area

Looking for a great meal in the Hellerup area? No worries, below we listed a few of our favorites.

Mash | VisitCopenhagen

Cafés in the Hellerup area

Cake, sandwiches, croissants and great coffee. There are loads of treats at the cafés in the Hellerup area. These are some of our favorites.

Ordrupgaard | PR foto

Hellerup's attractions and activities

Are you visiting the Hellerup area and are wondering what is a most-do? Here are some suggestions on what to fill your day with.

Manfreds & Vin | PR photo

Restaurants in Nørrebro

Nørrebro holds on many mouthwatering restaurants with everything from the world’s only Michelin-starred thai restaurant, the modern Nordic cuisine, juicy sliders and gastronomic havens serving dinner with a kapow of flavour.

Mirabelle | Per Anders Jørgensen

Cafés in Nørrebro

The colourful, vibrant Nørrebro boasts a wide range of hip and cozy cafés. Relax in the sun, set the clock on pause, and enjoy the best eggs benedict at Mirabelle or a savory breakfast at Møller Kaffe og Køkken with everything the heart desires.

Taller | Rasmus Malmstrom

Top-notch restaurants in city centre

Lean back and enjoy what the evening will bring. It is almost never the same experience when you visit one of Copenhagen’s many gourmet restaurants.

We also recommend our guide to Michelin-starred restaurants and see and dos in city centre.

Les Trois Cochons | Chris Tonnesen

Restaurants in Vesterbro

Vesterbro has something for everyone, when it comes to dining out and is often on the forefront with new culinary trends. Regardless your budget, the time of day, or the style of food you are looking for, you will find it here. 

Cafés in city centre

Cake, sandwich, croissant and a nice cup of coffee. Hang out in one of Copenhagen’s countless cozy cafés. You will discover delicious treats for both breakfast, lunch and dinner that will satisfy your stomach and taste buds. Lean back and enjoy the “hygge” – the cafés are where you will find it.

Nyhavn | Photo: Jacob Schjoerring & Simon Lau

See and do in the city centre

The list of cultural and fun experiences in Copenhagen’s city centre is endless. We have picked the highlights for you – Big, small, well-known, unique and the classics.

Restaurant Väkst | Chris Tonnesen

Recommended restaurants and bars

The Danish cuisine has been in a whirlwind of international success in recent years, and Copenhagen has seen incredible triumphs from Danish chefs and restaurants, including one of The World’s Best Restaurants - Noma. Tasty food is not complicated, it’s simple: The very best of first rate produce, fresh herbs, and excellent chefs are a trademark of the Copenhagen eateries, whether you chose to enjoy a meal by the waterfront at Langelinie or at cafés, restaurants and bistros in the city.

Restaurant Pluto | Photo: Konrad Frank | Gastronomy

Restaurants in city centre

Let Copenhagen show itself from its best side and visit the many cozy, charming, gourmet, upscale or down-to-earth quality restaurants spread across the city. Danish food is characterised by the unique Nordic kitchen, but you can also find the best quality of food from Italy, Asia, The US etc.

Cafés in Vesterbro

Vesterbro is lined up with fashionable and cozy cafes. We have chosen some of our favorites to make it easier to choose just one. Bon appetite.

Copenhagen Cooking 2015 cover photo.

Copenhagen Cooking events for visitors

Copenhagen Cooking is an annual food festival for everyone who loves food, and during 10 days in late August there are plenty of mouthwatering events perfectly suited for international tourists looking for gastronomic experiences out of the ordinary.  

Bopa Plads, photo Kasper Thye

Eat out for less than 100 DKK

Go out for dinner in Copenhagen without exceeding your budget. This is a guide of eateries in Copenhagen, where you can eat for less than 100 DKK. Whether you are in the mood for Asian, Italian, or Danish food, there is a place for you to eat in good conscience

Outdoor restaurant, photo Ty Stange

Al fresco dining

Enjoy a good meal outside in the summer time when the weather allows it. Here are some dining options in different price categories where you can eat outside during the white summer nights .

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Nordisk Brødhus in Copenhagen

Top 10 bakeries

The scent of fresh baked pastries, bread and cakes is not hard to find in Copenhagen. Denmark is world-famous especially for its pastries, and in Copenhagen the quality when it comes to both the baking process and the ingredients has been turned up a notch. Do yourself a favour and visit one of the city's bakeries. Here you will find the best and most authentic Danish pastry and bread in the world. You will never forget the scent or the taste.