Elsinore - where history meets the sea

Perched on the north-eastern tip of Sealand, you'll find the Danish city of Elsinore.

Located just 40 minutes from Copenhagen, Elsinore is where history meets the sea, and cutting-edge culture meets the city's rough seaport heritage.

We've picked out six things that you definitely shouldn't miss when visiting.

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Elsinore in 30 seconds

Historic and Modern. Maritime and urban. Discover Elsinore – Home of Hamlet.

Kronborg Castle | Photo Thomas Rahbek

6 Things you have to do in Elsinore

Experience world-class architecture at M/S The Maritime Museum of Denmark, right next to Kronborg Castle.

Then stroll the harbour front and experience a mixture of rough and streamlined, industrial and cultural and Gaze at the HAN sculpture.

Feel the maritime market town history in the cobblestoned streets, and visit the Carmelite Monastery – one of Scandinavia’s best-preserved monasteries.

Kronborg Castle | Photo Thomas Høyrup Christensen

Kronborg Castle - home of Hamlet

Easily the most famous Danish castle of them all, Kronborg is the embodiment of Elsinore's history. As historically and culturally significant as it was once strategically important, this castle can boast of being a UNESCO World Heritage site and the main location of Shakespeare's Hamlet, among other things. 

M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark

Named a cutting-edge cultural venue by the New York Times, The M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark, built by renowned BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, is literally built into an old dry dock in the city’s harbour. The museum is maritime all the way through the architecture to the exhibitions that offer a peek into both the past and present world of seafaring.