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VISION is an art and fashion magazine that conveys international visual art, fashion and culture to Chinese readers with a unique visual expression. Vision magazine have in collaboration with Chinavia made a special issue just about Copenhagen.

VISION Magazine in Numbers:
• Total circulation of 2016: 280,000
• VISION VPAD (iPad version) download: 1200.000 (2013-2016)
• WeChat followers: 160,000

Vision magazine have very loyal readers, which means that the people who buy the magazine, those who subscriber or purchase from a bookseller, are readers who are already interested in the areas the magazine focus on. They have a circulation of 265,000 per month, and Vision actively appears in various public events, giving support to the growing industry in China of visual culture, while more importantly, inspiring a mentality toward a creative lifestyle to the Chinese readers


Vision came to Copenhagen for 6 days from d. October 31. - D. Nov. 6.

We arranged following interviews:  
Urban Design
Jan Gehl (Founder & Senior Advisor, Professor, Architect MAA) and Kristian Villadsen (Partner, Director, who has many projects underway in China) from Gehl Architects.
Interior Design
Linda Korndal (Architect MAA, Head of Architecture) and Kasper Ronn Von Lotzbeck (MAA Architect, Designer & Partner) from Norm Architects, which has won the award this year's Designer 2016th
Gastro / Sustainable
Jonathan Tam, the new chef at Relay - won the Sustainable Award 2016 by Restaurant Magazine.

We created a program that fits the core stories of Copenhagen and also live up to the magazine's style. We abandoned the traditional idea of what Copenhagen has to offer, and instead increased the focus on offseasons charm and autumn mood in Copenhagen.
The magazine comes out every two months, it has come to the streets in China as their January & February issue, 288 pages in total, with 68 pages of Copenhagen, in their CITY section (See examples below).

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