Special events at Kronborg Castle

The castle is known abroad as Hamlet’s castle. Kronborg Castle is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and has a wondrous and colorful history. Enjoy among others the Renaissance Fair and Christmas shopping at Kronborg Castle!
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Special events at Kronborg Castle

Renaissance Fair at Kronborg Castle

Each year in October, a Danish Renaissance King is celebrated with a spectacular Renaissance fair. Knights fight in shining armor on horseback and duel blade against blade. The King's musketeers patrol the market and merchants offer goods from the “New World”. Cannons thunder, cooking wives bursts, and girls and boys learn how to fence and dance.

Christmas shopping at Kronborg

In December, Christmas is celebrated at Kronborg Castle with a Christmas Market, where guests can buy unique Christmas gifts for the whole family. In the rooms and halls of the castle, you will find a great variety of stands selling Christmas decorations, art and crafts, unique design, clothes, toys and small goods. The tall Christmas tree in the Ballroom is decorated and the children are entertained with Christmas shows.

The Danish mythical hero Holger Danske

Throughout the year, visitors can meet Denmark’s legendary hero, Holger Danske. He lies asleep, deep down in the underground passages of the casemates. He has slept for hundreds of years. According to an old legend, Holger Danske will wake up when Denmark is threatened by enemies. Only then will his eyes open. He will get to his feet and raise his sword. In the meantime, he poses on The National Football Team’s shirts.

About Kronborg Castle

The castle is known abroad as Hamlet’s castle. The English playwright William Shakespeare chose Kronborg as the stage for his world-famous drama about the Danish prince Hamlet. You can follow in Hamlet’s fictional footsteps up onto the bastions.

A visit at the castle takes you underground into the dark, damp corridors of The Casemates. Soldiers would defend the castle from these very casemates. Under siege, they could live underground for up to four months. A statue of the great legendary warrior, Holger Danske, sits sleeping in the darkness, his folded arms resting on his sword.

Kronborg has a wondrous and colorful history. Architecturally, this Renaissance castle is second to none. This is why Kronborg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and stands proudly alongside monuments such as the Pyramids, the Acropolis and the Great Wall of China.

Enjoy your visit at Kronborg Castle!

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