Record Passenger and Crew Satisfaction Levels

CruiseCopenhagen announces record passenger and crew satisfaction levels as revealed in 2016 survey
Monday, March 13, 2017

CruiseCopenhagen has revealed to the industry marketplace an Overview of its 2016 Passenger and Crew Survey, produced in collaboration with G.P. Wild/BREA.

The data has been collected during the May - October 2016 cruise season, with surveys returned from a total of 1,827 passengers (transit, turnaround) and 706 crew members.

The latest figures reported in CruiseCopenhagen’s Passenger 2016 Survey confirm that cruise guests – both transit and turnaround – not only continue to be very satisfied with their experience when calling at Copenhagen but also the figures represent the highest levels ever recorded.

A synopsis of the results regarding passengers includes:
• 97% of the turnaround passengers confirmed that their visit either met or exceed-ed their expectations (compared to 92% in 2013), with a mean score of 4.37 (out of 5)
• 81% felt the visit exceeded expectations. Highest scores were for initial shore-side welcome and courtesy of employees, receiving 4.49 each
• Passengers were also extremely satisfied with the friendliness of residents – scoring 4.47; and the variety of things to do and see, with 4.4.


Approximately 90% spent one, or more nights in Denmark either pre or post cruise, of these 76% spending an average of 2.7 nights in Copenhagen prior to their cruise.

Claus Bødker, CruiseCopenhagen Director comments: “It is gratifying and impressive to see from these record figures revealed on our latest survey that due to the commitment and hard work from all of our partners, we continue to deliver an ever-improving guest experience. Satisfaction levels in respect of both transit and turnaround guests have in-creased from those already high satisfaction ratings achieved in 2013.”

Regarding the satisfaction of crew members, Claus Bødker comments: “Measuring the
satisfaction levels of the crew members is also important – 57% reported they were either very, or extremely likely to return to Copenhagen for a land-based vacation.”

A synopsis of the results regarding crew members includes:
• Of the responding 706 crew, 44% reported going ashore during the current cruise call in Copenhagen, spending 2.4 hours ashore
• 53% who did not go ashore during the current call did so at least once in the
previous month

During these visits to Copenhagen, crew reported spending an average of €31.24 while ashore. The top three expenditure categories - food and beverage; local crafts; and
clothing - accounted for 75% of crew average onshore expenditures.

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