Grand re-opening of Les Trois Cochons

The French bistro (part of the Cofoco family) on Værnedamsvej has been renovated and now invites you inside a casual, French atmosphere with a new menu and wine selection.
Tuesday, September 5, 2017

The French bistro on Værnedamsvej has been renovated and now invites you inside a casual, French atmosphere with a new menu and wine selection.

Les trois cochons first had its opening 12 years ago and has since been a part of the French scene found precisely at Værnedamsvej. Now the restaurant has been renovated, it’s ready to once again open its doors again. The menu and wine selection has been renewed, founded in great French ingredients, wines and classic dishes. The kitchen chef is Nikolaj Jelsbech, who previously worked for Michel Michaud at Ruths Hotel in Skagen and later on at Kul.

The menu offers both light snacks and heavier dishes, such as tarte flambée, French white asparagus with mousseline, smoked salmon with sorrel, French jamón ibérico, vol au vent with cockerel, monkfish cheeks, and obviously boeuf béarnaise. For the sweet tooth, strawberries with vanilla ice cream and financier is recommended. For those without a sweet tooth, there is a wide selection of French cheeses, primarily from goat milk. There is also a blackboard menu with plates such as Côte de Boeuf, shellfish plate, and shrimps from the Fjord.

The wine selection is, of course, French based, from various regions and at various prices. From Crémant de Bourgogne to Champagne from Selosse, from Josmeyer in Alsace to Cossard in Bourgogne, and naturally plenty of cool rosé.

We are open for lunch and dinner, every day of the week. The opening hours will be extended through-out summer, so you will soon be able to have breakfast and brunch too.

The decor, made in cooperation with Københavns Møbelsnedkeri, Thonet and Pillivuyt, is classic bistro, reinventing the original history of the room. Have no doubt that one of Copenhagen’s greatest butchers, Ryholt, once roamed these walls. The Parisian atmosphere is completed with large, open windows, grand leather couches, dark finishes, French wicker chairs, and to finish it off, a large central bar made of marble. In the basement, we’ve created a Chamber Séparée, an obvious choice for more intimate settings.

“Les Trois Cochons is one of Cofoco’s first restaurants and holds a special place in our hearts. Værnedamsvej is full of atmosphere, and the new version of the restaurant only adds further to this open, relaxed mood, which is so unique for this street” says Christian Lytje, co-owner of Cofoco.


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