Four new exhibitions at Designmuseum Denmark

Experience four new exhibitions at Designmuseum in Copenhagen, which is a museum for Danish and international design and crafts. It features works of famous Danish designers such as Arne Jacobsen and Jacob Jensen and also houses the biggest library for design in Scandinavia.
Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The Danish Chair

New permanent exhibtion

The Danish Chair is a wunderkammer of chairs. In the exhibition, Designmuseum Danmark tells the story of how Danish design turned into an international mega-brand. Guests can embark on a scenic journey of the many types of chairs, which draw a picture of the 20th-century Danish success story and export adventure known as Danish Modern.

The chair is the closest item of furniture to a human being. It affects and reflects the body it has to carry with arms, legs, a seat and a back. It is the acid test of designers and the favourite object of design historians. The chair is also one of the most culture-bearing design objects. It reveals everything about the age and the society, in which it was created. It invests the person sitting in it with status and identity.


”I AM BLACK VELVET” - Erik Mortensen Haute Couture

The exhibition is on view from June 16th 2017 until January 28th 2018.

This summer, Designmuseum Danmark will open a major special exhibition, presenting about 70 creations from the fashion designer’s Golden Age: 1982-1995. The exhibition will also feature a selection of Erik Mortensen’s fashion sketches.


Alvar Aalto Paimio Sanatorium

The exhibition is on view from August 25th 2017 until January 21st 2018

The star architect and designer Alvar Aalto (1898-1976) was ahead of his time when he created the modernist signature work Paimio Sanatorium – the tuberculosis hospital in Finland in the early 1930s. With his special sense for the subtle details and the human being, he united medical science, architecture and design, and set a precursor for, perhaps even a state of the art example of, the super hospitals that are rising up around the world today.

From August 25th 2017 until January 21st 2018, the audience gets the chance to come close to the masterpiece when Designmuseum Danmark opens a spot show about Alvar Aalto’s revolutionary hospital.


Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2017

What does it take to promote dialogue between strangers in the public space? How can a piece of furniture facilitate human encounters and interactions?

These relevant and essential questions form the thematic framework for the exhibitors at the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2017. Can a piece of furniture really be of such a nature, such a format, such a form that perfect strangers invariably wind up on speaking terms simply by sitting on a bench in the public space?

We look forward to welcoming you in Grønnegården at Designmuseum Danmark to Side by Side Outside – the Cabinetmakers’ Autumn Exhibition 2017.

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