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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Get a short update on ”What’s New” for cruise guests visiting the country:

Three new remarkable shorex attractions open close to Fredericia
Within the next three years, three remarkable attractions will open less than 45 minutes from the cruise berth of Fredericia. The impressive, new LEGO® Brand House located in Billund will be filled with various activities with lots of imagination and fun, suitable for both adults and children. As well as the ‘experience centre itself, there will be cafes and shops to enjoy.

In 2015 the international Ceramic Museum Grimmerhus opens, an outstanding place for traditional design and spectacular ceramics, which is the only ceramic museum in the Nordic Region. Only 25 minutes from the cruise berth, visitors will be able to see the impressive collection of the world-renowned Royal Copenhagen porcelain, representing Denmark's proud 235-year design tradition.

The third attraction in Fredericia is the amazing “bridge walk” joining Jutland to Funen - around 57 metres above the water, which opens from summer 2014.

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Meet the Vikings - If you dare!
Just 30 kilometers (18 miles) from the cruise quay in Hundested, there is a reconstructed Viking village with longhouses and other small houses. In summer 2014 open-air performances will tell the story of Viking life including dramatic sword fights, lure and mead drinking. Afterwards it is possible to join a Viking raid on Roskilde Fjord. As part of the ship’s crew, you are responsible for rowing out of the harbour, setting sail and perhaps manning the helm.

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To be or not to be…
The Shakespeare festival in Elsinore is a Danish event, which in 1816 established the Shakespeare tradition at Hamlets Castle, Kronborg.
In 2016, to mark both the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death and the 200th anniversary of the world’s oldest Shakespearean tradition at Kronborg Castle, a HamletScenen will celebrate Shakespeare with a unique programme taking place in, July and August, in the courtyard of Hamlets Castle Kronborg in Elsinore. The anniversary performance will involve international, world-class performers. Hamlets Castle Kronborg is within walking distance from the Royal Quay in Elsinore, where cruise ships up to 150 meters in length can dock.

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Brand new museum in Aarhus, Denmark embraces the past present
In Aarhus, Denmark the newly-designed Moesgaard museum will open in Autumn 2014, where visitors can experience viewing a very large and historical archaeological exhibition but in a new and modern way. The museum, located close to the sea in a natural setting, has been redesigned by the world-famous Danish architect, Henning Larsen, who also designed the Danish Opera House.
The museum brings the past, it’s people and objects, to life in a very modern way and explains the history that has influenced our present day.

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Educated guides will make your smile even broader when visiting Aarhus - the Danish city of smiles
Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, is often referred to as ‘the city of smiles’ as visitors experience great hospitality when visiting this beautiful place. Aarhus has now decided to make visiting cruise passengers smile even more broadly: from 2014 a brand new educational guide will secure the most enjoyable stay in Aarhus for cruise visitors. Being a guest with only a limited amount of hours to get to know a city, it is of course very important that you get to see it in the best and easiest way.

VisitAarhus hasin corporation with an agency, developed a cruise passenger guide education where talented guides with excellent language skills are trained to receive visitors with the best level of service. A guided tour in Aarhus can be e.g. a guided city walk with facts about the history of Aarhus, the cultural communities, architecture etc. The educational cruise shipping guides will deliver fun stories, historical knowledge – and of course a broad, welcoming smile.

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Aarhus as the European Capital of Culture in 2017 will make the city’s cultural life boom
The cultural life in Aarhus is both creative and colourful, ranging from the poster museum ‘Plakatmuseet’ to modern and classical art at the art museum ‘ARoS’ – and from archaeology exhibitions at ‘Moesgaard’, to a peep look into our own daily life in the 1970s at ‘The Old Town’ in Aarhus.

With Aarhus being the “European Capital of Culture in 2017” the amount of cultural attractions will boom and offer around 18,000 small and large events, in both Aarhus and the surrounding region. With this fantastic boost in events, Aarhus will prove an ideal holiday choice for the tourist visitor.

The theme for Aarhus as the “European Capital of Culture” is RETHINK and the aim is to make the city into a place where it is possible to experiment and rethink the way we live. The city will simply be a cultural lab where new ways of thinking and alternative solutions will occur. Focus will be on e.g. integration, tourism and urban development - and everyone is welcome to participate in the festivities up to and during 2017.

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Jump ship for the mystery of the deep
On a cruise ship guests experience the sea in all its beautiful splendour. However, Denmark’s National Aquarium also offers the opportunity to explore the marvels and mysteries that remain hidden below in the deep waters.
“Den Blå Planet” is Northern Europe’s largest and most modern aquarium and circumnavigates the world’s cold and warm oceans, the great African lakes and the mighty Amazon River.

The unique and prizewinning architecture is inspired by a great whirlpool and home to 20.000 fish and other marine animals living in 53 large aquariums and habitats with 7 million litres of water. The experience is like being pulled down and spun around in the water – meeting the creatures of the deep in their own realm. The visit concludes with enjoying New Nordic cuisine in the eatery ØST with its spectacular view over Oresund.

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Tivoli news in 2014
Classic Wooden Roller Coaster 100 Years
Tivoli’s oldest and most popular ride attraction is also one of the world’s oldest wooden roller coasters still operating, and one of only seven roller coasters worldwide with a brakeman on board each train. In other words, it is a unique attraction and well worth a great celebration when it turns 100 years old in 2014. The 1914 roller coaster is undergoing refurbishment and will open for Tivoli’s summer season in April with mountain peaks, grotto and waterfall. The mountain peaks are an original feature but were removed in the 1920s because Copenhagen city politicians didn’t like them.

The Queen’s Costumes
Queen Margrethe of Denmark is a talented set designer in her spare time and has worked many times for Tivoli Gardens. 2014 will see a revival of the Queen’s latest production, Andersen’s The Steadfast Tin Soldier (opening 16 June), at the Pantomime Theatre, as well as the much larger production of The Nutcracker at the Tivoli Concert Hall (opening 20 November). Tivoli’s Nutcracker production sets Clara’s dream not in the land of the Sugar Plum Fairy but in Tivoli and this has really sparked the imagination of the set designer. Choreography by artistic director Peter Bo Bendixen. Performed by The Tivoli Ballet Theatre.

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