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Cruise lines in Copenhagen

All major cruise lines visit the Danish capital Copenhagen, and half of our calls are turnarounds; a testament to the many flavours of Copenhagen. There is always something to come back for.

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Copenhagen's perfect location makes it the undisputed perfect gateway to the Baltic Sea and the entire region, including St. Petersburg, The Norwegian Fjords and all of Europe.

The Baltic Sea offers destinations, sights, experience and adventure for everyone. There is plenty to write home about, from exciting history and rich traditions to modern cities and world-class attractions.

Visit Cruise Baltic to get inspiration about the Baltic region. Then contact your local travel professional to book your Baltic or Scandinavian cruise. Get inspiration and watch the Cruise Baltic film.


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Cruise calls in 2016

Cruise calls: 304


The cruise season stretches from mid-April to mid-October.

However, Copenhagen will also be receiving 3 Christmas cruises in December.