About CruiseCopenhagen

CruiseCopenhagen is a B2B cruise network and consists of all the key players within the Danish cruise industry.

We aim to bring our partners together to offer a truly memorable cruise experience in Denmark. The network was founded in 1992 and last year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. Over the years, our partners have gained all the experience and knowledge needed in order to execute a smooth operation, both when it comes to transit calls and turnarounds. Today, CruiseCopenhagen consists of more than 60 dedicated partners working within all key sectors, including destination management, transportation, attractions, retail, hotels and more. Our diverse range of partners underlines a strong collaboration with a common goal of developing and promoting Copenhagen and all of Denmark as an advantageous cruise destination.

Beyond Copenhagen

CruiseCopenhagen does not only represent the Danish capital, but also many other beautiful destinations in Denmark. Denmark is the ideal destination for cruise lines to visit: The country is perfectly located, right at the doorway to the Baltic Sea, St. Petersburg, and the Norwegian Fjords. All cruise destinations in Denmark are located at the adorning and beautiful Danish coastline and offer an abundance of unique adventures. The astounding variety of first class attractions are forever increasing, combining ancient history with cutting edge architecture, world-class design, and Nordic gastronomy. 

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Partner benefits

CruiseCopenhagen is a B2B marketing network and the purpose of the network is to promote and develop Copenhagen and other Danish destinations as attractive cruise destinations.

Partners of the network

CruiseCopenhagen is a network of more than 60 dedicated partners working within all key cruise sectors, including destination management, transportation, attractions, restaurants, hotel and more.