10 reasons to visit Copenhagen

Whether you are interested in Danish design, culture or the Nordic cuisine, you will find it in Copenhagen. There are many great ways to experience the city. Here is our list of 10 reasons to go.

1. Because of the bikes

Daily, one-third of the inhabitants of Copenhagen ride a bicycle to work or school. Experience the city on one of the rentable bikes, from a rickshaw taxi, or on a guided bike tour.

2. Because of the water

Take a dip in the clean and swimmable harbour or enjoy a canal tour and experience the city from the waterside.

3. Because of the people

The welcoming Danes are voted as the happiest people in the world and a large majority speak a high standard of English.

4. Because of the "hygge"

The best way of translating the word "hygge" is "cosiness", but you don't know what "hygge" is until you've experienced it in Copenhagen.

5. Because of the accessibility

Less than 20 minutes by Metro or train from the Airport to the City centre, a large variety of public transport and a well-developed cruise ship port.

6. Because of the shopping 

Shop 'till you drop on Strøget and in the surrounding "Latin Quarter". Save up to 20 % with Global Blue taxfree shopping. 

7. Because of the food

Besides home of one of the world's best restaurants (Noma) and 20 other Michelin stared restaurants, Copenhagen can cater for all tastes and budgets. 8. Because it is green and clean! The focus on the environment and sustainability can be seen everywhere.

8. Because it is green and clean 

The focus on the environment and sustainability can be seen everywhere.

9. Because of the culture

Royal castles, museums, old streets and historical buildings are all over and open to the public.

10. Because of the design

Danish design, fashion and furniture are world famous and on display all over the city. Save up to 20 % with Global Blue taxfree shopping.

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