Svaneke Ice Cream

Svaneke Is has opened up a cafe and ice cream parlor in Tivoli.

The delicious Bornholm' dairy store Svaneke Is - Svaneke Ice Cream - has moved into the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen.

The Bornholm micro-dairy store from Svaneke is located close to Tivoli's main entrance. The location means that ice cream can also be sold to passersby outside Tivoli.

Ice cream with figs and mulberries
Svaneke Is is known to produce natural ice of high quality. The ice is made without artificial additives, and produced by cream from Bornholm Jersey cows and Nordic berries and fruits.

On the repertoire are ice flavors ranging from elderflower, apple, blueberry, cherry sherbeth to classics like vanilla, chocolate and exotic flavors of Bornholm as figs and mulberries

The new dairy store and cafe opens at Tivoli's opening day on 12 April, 2012.

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