Skjoldungernes Land National Park

Bike, hike and explore this national park rich on scenic, coastal routes, lush forests, bird species and not least fascinating cultural history 30 a minutes drive from Copenhagen.

Predominantly a fjord landscape, the national park offers beautiful nature with hills, viewpoints, river valleys and lots of colourful woodlands. But the region is perhaps most known for its many visible traces from prehistoric times and the way mankind’s interaction with nature.

Historical artefacts from the Stone Age and Iron Age like longhouses and stone ships built by the hands of Vikings, bear witness to region with a unique role in Denmark’s culture and history.  

The name of the national park stems from Skjoldungerne where are said to be the first Danish royal dynasty as descendants from Denmark’s first king Skjold, who resided in this very part of the kingdom.

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Longitude : 12.006683349609
Latitude : 55.659383445988