Photo: Christian Alsing

Bus tours

The city of Copenhagen is extremely accessible on foot, but if you want to rest your feet for a couple of hours, there are plenty of options to do so. Sightseeing bus tours around the city will take you to the major sights of classic Copenhagen. If you have a little more time to spend - perhaps an entire day - why not explore the sights beyond the capital city? The surrounding region is a smorgasbord of royal castles and palaces. And the Viking town of Roskilde, the birth place of fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, and even Sweden is just a few hours away on one of Copenhagen's guided bus tours.

Tourist guides belonging to The Association of Authorised Tourist Guides wear the official badge or ID card depicting the three towers featured in the coat of arms of the city of Copenhagen. Authorised guides have attained a university course in guiding from Roskilde University in Denmark. The degree course is a one-year, full-time adult education diploma course, which includes Danish history, cross-cultural understanding, guiding techniques, tour planning skills and story telling. The emblem ensures you correct information and the best possible experience on a tour of the city. The members speak 27 different languages between them. Many run their own tour companies, some of them on this list, but you can also book a tour through The Association of Authorised Tourist Guides' website.

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