Bike city Copenhagen

Life in Copenhagen is lived in the saddle of a bicycle. Everybody does it. Bike that is. In Copenhagen we bike whether there is sun, rain or snow.

We bike to work, to school, to bring the kids to kindergarten, to shop for groceries and to social gatherings. It is simply our way of life, and if you want to experience Copenhagen the local way, you have to jump in the saddle.

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Iconic bike bridge, Cykelslangen

The architectural beauty Cykelslangen (The Bike Snake) connects the city and takes cyclists from Vesterbro to Islands Brygge in a cool and comfortable way.  

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8 reasons why you'll love biking in Copenhagen

More than half of all Copenhageners bike every day. Here are 8 reasons why you should be following their example.

Bike Copenhagen

Copenhagen bike tours

Experience Copenhagen the authentic, local way - by bike. On a bike you can enjoy the city with one of Copenhagen's professional cycling guides.

Film: The best bike city in the world

See the beautiful video made for the bid from Copenhagen to host the Grand Départ of the legendary Tour De France. The world's greatest cycling race in the world's best cycling city.

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