Police, photo Connie Maria Westergaard


Copenhagen is in general a safe city to visit. But just like in any other city, you should take certain precautions.

Around Copenhagen Central Station you should pay extra attention to pickpockets. The area around City Hall Square and the beginning of Strøget (the pedestrian street) is very busy, and also an area to be aware of thieves.

Strøget, City Hall Square and Gothersgade can be crowded areas by night – especially during weekends.

Due to the hash dealing at Christiania - which is illegal in Denmark - the residents have adopted to a set of rules for security reasons, which they strongly advice visitors to abide by.

On a few rare occasions, tourists have been scammed by fake police officers. The victims have either paid on-the-spot fines for "breaking the law" or have been frisked and unknowingly robbed. If contacted by a police officer, demand to see legit identification.

During summer and autumn of 2017, some parts of Nørrebro have experienced a series of fatal shootings. The incidents have taken place in the area around Blågårds Plads and Mjølnerparken in Nørrebro as well as the Northwestern suburbs of Husum, Brønshøj and Tingbjerg. Unfortunately, innocent bypassers have been injured in some of the shootings. On several occasions, local police have advised residents – especially young men – to exercise caution when in the affected areas at night.

You can always contact the police by calling 114. In case of urgent matters, call 112.

Information about emergencies.

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