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Store Strandstræde 16

1255 København K

Winterspring gives you exclusive Nordic desserts, vegetarian breakfast and exquisite afternoon tea - with the possibility to add a glass of champagne to top the sweet experience.

The award winning Winterspring ice cream has been on the market for some time, but now they have opened a restaurant in the heart of Copenhagen. And here you can not only choose ice cream - you can also have innovative desserts, vegetarian breakfast items or treat yourself with an afternoon tea menu. You can also buy the monthly ice cream dessert box made with seasoned ingredients to take home.

All flavours are Nordic, offering interesting and innovative combinations, you might haven't tasted before. You can for example dive into the salted caramel, parsnip and hazelnut serving, the pumpkin tart with vanilla ice cream or maybe the chocolate, hip rose and cherry dessert. It is all unique Nordic flavours and everything is made of organic and natural ingredients.

The team behind Winterspring has gained great acclaim and received Danish and international awards for their ice creams and sorbets. No matter if you are there for coffee, freshly baked specialties or chef made courses from the menu, Winterspring is a place to enjoy a sweet moment.

The dessert bar is located in cozy Store Strandstræde right near Nyhavn. It has been stylishly redone with help from the renowned interior designer Ilse Crawford with an exclusive, Scandinavian and timeless vibe.

Winterspring Thesalon in Magasin du Nord

In the fall of 2018 Winterspring Desserts has given new life to the age-old tea traditions of Magasin du Nord. On the ladies’ floor in Magasin on the King's New Square, Winterspring Thesalon is located in the more than 100-year-old tea room. Here, they serve more than 25 different kinds of specialty tea, their award-winning ice-creams and sorbets along with coffee from The Coffee Collective. You can also enjoy light lunch dishes, vegetarian breakfast and great homemade cakes.

The well-known interior of their dessert bar in Store Strandstræde is also present in the new Magasin space.


Store Strandstræde 16

1255 København K

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