The Viking Ship Museum

Photo: Martin Heiberg

Vindeboder 12

4000 Roskilde


Phone:4630 0200

Located in historic Roskilde, a mere 25 minutes from Copenhagen, the Viking Ship Museum offers a unique experience to adults and children alike.

A thousand years ago, the North was ruled by the pirates of that time, better known as the Vikings. These ferocious warriors used to cruise the oceans in their wooden ships, raiding and conquering land on their way.

At The Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde, you can get a peek into the life of the Vikings that have become very symbolic for the Scandinavian countries. You will easily be awed when faced with the museum’s five original Viking ships whose remains have survived all these years.

Take part in the historical narrative and outlive your Viking fantasy on a full-scale reconstruction of the original ships. From the museum’s own harbour, you can cruise around the beautiful Roskilde fjord and admire the museum’s large collection of traditional Nordic boats.

During high-season and holidays, the museum hosts many exciting activities and workshops. You can follow the work in the boatyard, or put your craftsmanship to a test with Viking crafts such as wood cutting and willow weaving.

If you want to go beyond the museum, plenty of time can be spent exploring Roskilde, the old capital of Denmark. You can very well combine your trip to the museum with a visit to the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Roskilde Cathedral, which is definitely worth travelling for as well.

To get to Roskilde and the Viking Ship Museum, take the train to Roskilde Station straight from Copenhagen Central. From there, either go by bus route 203, or walk the remaining two kilometres to the museum.


Vindeboder 12

4000 Roskilde

Opening hours

29 Apr 19 / 30 Dec 19

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

10:00 - 16:00

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