Tomás Saraceno exhibition: Event Horizon

The Cisterns, the former water reservoir beneath the green grass of Søndermarken park across from Frederiksberg Castle, is a unique exhibition venue in Copenhagen. In an exhibition by Tomás Saraceno, the Cisterns invites the visitor on a strange journey across the water into the Cisterns' colonnades.

Buried deep beneath Søndermarken's green grass in the Frederiksberg area of Copenhagen is a massive underground space, where daylight never reaches. Here, you will find a dark, cold and moist underground world resembling the environment of cathedrals and gloomy catacombs.

Once the spacious venue was the city's cisterns filled with 16 million liters of drinking water, but now the water is gone and has been replaced by art exhibitions and various events about the architecture and unique climate.

The Cisterns currently has an exhibition with Argentinian-born artist Tomás Saraceno. Based on the unique environment of the Cisterns, Saraceno has created a large-scale project that is essentially different from everything he has done in the past. The water, which continuously seeps through the concrete structure of the Cisterns, forms an underground, still-looking sea and the exhibition must thus be experienced from boats. The visitor is invited on a strange journey into the colonnades of the Cisterns. Here, various works of art reveal themselves as you step out and move into the unknown darkness.

About Tomás Saraceno
Tomás Saraceno (b. 1973, Argentina) is a star on the international art scene and has been compared to artists such as Marcel Duchamp and Leonardo da Vinci. He is originally an educated architect, but in 2003 graduated from the Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste, Städelschule, Frankfurt am Main. In 2009, he studied at NASA's International Space Studies Program in Ames, California. In 2009, Saraceno won the prestigious Calder award. Saraceno lives and works in Berlin.