Restaurant Palægade

Photo: Maria Louise Munkegaard
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Palægade 8

1261 København K

Enjoy some of the best traditional Danish cuisine in Copenhagen interpreted by young hands.

With both feet on the ground, the skilled chefs behind Palægade want to retell the story about the good, classic restaurant traditions. And with a devoted approach to quality cooking.

With the traditional Danish “open-faced sandwich” for lunch and a Danish dinner in the evening, Palægade hits the high gastronomic notes.

A classic restaurant beautifully located in the heart of the historic city centre in Copenhagen.
The team consists of young, fresh minds, with hearts beating for classic Danish cooking. They work with great respect for the nature and seasons, and take pride in the gastronomic traditions of our country.

Every day they try to honour those traditions by showing their guests that gastronomic heritage is relevant, modern, tasteful and important.

Simon Olesen and Rasmus Amdi Larsen are both well-known sommeliers with many years of expe-rience from top restaurants in Denmark. During lunch they serve beer and akvavit from small and large producers. In the evening their focus is on wines from the classic European regions.

Simon and Rasmus serve the guests at Restaurant Palægade with a knowledge and dedication that can only be obtained through many years of love for their profession!


Palægade 8

1261 København K

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