Østerbro Library

The house is centrally located on Østerbro, and offers events, various magazines and a large collection of wide-ranging materials - for Danish as well as international guests. In addition, guests always have the opportunity to enjoy a cup of coffee, print, copy and scan - or perhaps put the final sentence in the exam paper in the study area. The library is part of Culture Ø, which offers culture and sports of high quality for all citizens in Østerbro.

An international library 
Via the Copenhagen Cultural Network, and the library's function as Tourist Information, the library constantly seeks to provide inspirational offers for tourists as well as resident international families. At the same time, it is highly prioritized to involve foreign volunteers in special arrangement development at the library. Therefore, there is a particular focus on acquiring volunteers - which are both pleasing to the library and to the citizens who provide voluntary help. Volunteering is part of Kultur Ø's goal of increasing the level of co-creation - thus giving more responsibility and advise to the volunteers of the house. It brings a lot of diversity into the library, which is both inspirational, educational and to the great pleasure of Østerbro citizens.

Tourist Information 
Østerbro Library has got the green authorized tourist information 'I '. As a result, the employees of Østerbro library have been thoroughly trained so that they are ready to provide guest service of the highest quality. At the same time, Kultur Ø has set up an area at the library for service and information services for tourists. Via the self-service screen Visitorguide, it is possible for tourists to acquire useful information in Danish and English. In addition, Østerbro Library presents a wide selection of booklets, city maps and mini-maps for selected attractions and museums in Copenhagen.