Madam Chu's

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Gammel strand 40

1202 København K

The cocktail bar, Madame Chu's, is located in beautiful surroundings down at Gammel Strand, together with all the other trendy cocktail bars in Copenhagen.

When you walk in the door to Madame Chu's you meet a black curtain. As soon as you pull it off, you will come into a dark room with black walls and a long bar.

Chinese decoration

Madam Chu's is inspired by Chinese style, where the black walls are decorated with patterns and red lamps are hanging around the room.

At the bar, the atmosphere is good and the music is playing, so it is possible to talk with your friends.

Let yourself into the Chinese atmosphere and enjoy (strong) cocktails at Madam Chu's.


Gammel strand 40

1202 København K

Opening hours

01 Oct 12 / 31 Dec 20


18:00 -

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