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Modern timeless Danish men’s wear, inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and the raw atmosphere of the northern coasts.

Legends was hatched in 2013 and has since been creating their own range of clothes, shoes and accessories in their renowned high quality. The style is relaxed yet minimalistic and clearly emphasizes, that Legends creates timeless Danish designs.

The atmosphere of the raw northern coasts of Denmark are clearly the main source of inspiration. This translates into the state of mind of never compromising on either quality, comfort or craft. The designs have a simple yet aesthetic look, that combines the classic with the contemporary.

All designs and products are developed by a small and dedicated team, residing below the main store in inner Copenhagen.

Stores in Copenhagen

The store on Tullinsgade, in the Vesterbro neighborhood, is the newest addition to the Copenhagen stores. Located in the buzzing Værnedamsvej area, the store has since August 2018 added to the hip atmosphere of the area that also boasts some of the city’s best wine-bars and French eateries.

Legends has four stores around the country, where two of them are in Copenhagen. Besides the one on Tullinsgade, their first store is in the old part of inner Copenhagen on:

Gammel Mønt 35

1117, København K