Hamlet Live - when Shakespeare & co move into Kronborg

Photo: Thorkild Jensen
June through August, Hamlet, his family and enemies take up residence in Kronborg Castle.

Kronborg 2C

3000 Helsingør




Revenge, desire, and intrigue are on the menu when Kronborg Castle serves interactive theatre and give the audience access to the famous characters’ everyday lives.

Guests can watch scenes from the infamous drama in the setting Shakespeare had intended. They will get close to Hamlet as he speculates about to be or not to be or when he accidentally kills Polonius in the queen’s chamber. Visitors will also feel the rush as the drama peaks in the grand sword fight scene when the whole royal family fall to their deaths.

Prince Hamlet’s daily life

On top of the famous scenes, Hamlet Live also depicts the characters’ everyday lives in the impressive Renaissance castle. Guests may walk in on King Claudius in the middle of a game of chess, or get tips on sword fighting from Laertes – a true weapons enthusiast. Meet the desperate Ophelia as she reads love poems about her beloved Hamlet or the vain queen Gertrude getting herself ready for her new husband. The ghost of Hamlet’s father haunts the castle’s underground passages where he reveals himself through smoke and light.


Hamlet Live is in English, but knowledge of the language is not necessary to be part of the experience.

The team behind Hamlet Live

Shakespeare’s famous drama about Hamlet comes to life through a mix of short theatre scenes and interactive theatre. The concept is new in Danish theatre. The team behind Hamlet Live include Peter Holst-Beck, who has previously started “Korsbæk på Bakken”, and Barry McKenna, who is also known from Crazy Christmas Cabaret and countless Shakespeare productions.

Adults: DKK 140
Children under 18: Free of charge

Dates and hours
8 June – 30 August. Every day from 10.00 am – 5.30 pm.


Kronborg 2C

3000 Helsingør

Opening hours

08 Jun 20 / 30 Aug 20

Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun

10:00 - 17:30

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