Culture Night Elsinore

Join the Culture Night in Elsinore, where you may find and activities yourself.

Culture Night in Elsinore invites you to join the multiple activities and festivities

Culture Night Elsinore is celebrating the multiplicity and wants to include everyone by its several activities and festivities. The Culture Night is a unique glimpse of light in the beginning of the Autumn's dark nights. Here you will find culture and commercial living and local associations, which encourage the citizens to go out and be together in the public spaces of Tikøb, Hornbæk, Espergærde og Helsingør. 

Culture Night offers music on the street corners of Elsinore, social dining in Tikøb, torchlight through Hornbæk and concerts at all the squares in the Center of Espergærde.

You may yourself create an activity or event, which you wish to include in the Culture Night. This can be done by either creating an activity in cooperation with somebody else, who already has room or space in front of their shop or restaurant. You may also apply for permission to create an activity in the towns' public spaces.