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Copenhagen Bike Show

The Copenhagen Bike Show is the largest bicycle trade show in Scandinavia, founded in 2015. The annual event attracts thousands of cycling enthusiasts and industry professionals, showcasing the latest innovations, trends, and the joy of cycling for all age groups, with a special emphasis on the e-bike revolution and a nod to urban mobility.

As the largest bicycle trade show in Scandinavia, the Copenhagen Bike Show has been a beacon for cycling aficionados since its inception in 2015. This annual extravaganza has become synonymous with innovation, excitement, and the celebration of all things cycling, with a special focus on the burgeoning world of e-bikes and a nod to urban mobility.

What to Expect:

Massive Turnout: With a track record of attracting over 10,000 visitors each year, the Copenhagen Bike Show has firmly established itself as the go-to event for bicycle enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.

All-Age Appeal: From the young pedal-pushers to the seasoned cyclists, the Copenhagen Bike Show caters to all age groups. The event is designed to be a family-friendly affair, ensuring that everyone, from kids to grandparents, can revel in the joy of cycling.

Thrilling Test Track: Attendees can put the latest models through their paces on the expansive test track, experiencing firsthand the cutting-edge technology and design that define modern bicycles, with a special spotlight on the exciting world of e-bikes.

Urban Mobility: Explore the future of urban commuting with a minor focus on urban mobility solutions. Discover how bicycles, including e-bikes, are transforming city travel, promoting sustainability, and providing efficient and enjoyable urban mobility options.

Engaging Lectures: Immerse yourself in insightful lectures from industry experts, shedding light on the latest trends, innovations, and the future of cycling, with a particular emphasis on the e-bike revolution and urban mobility. Whether you're a casual rider or a seasoned pro, there's always something new to discover.

Cinematic Cycling: Dive into the world of cycling through captivating movies and documentaries. Get inspired by stories of endurance, exploration, and the sheer passion that fuels the cycling community, including the electrifying rise of e-bikes and their role in urban mobility.

Expressing enthusiasm for the upcoming event, the organizers state: "We are thrilled to continue the tradition of the Copenhagen Bike Show and bring together the vibrant cycling community in Scandinavia. This year promises to be bigger and better, with a particular focus on the e-bike revolution and the evolving landscape of urban mobility."