CLICK Festival 2019 - when technology, art and science merge

Photo: Daniel Overbeck

Allegade 2

3000 Helsingør

CLICK Festival once again offers a sensory bombardment of international concerts, performances, workshops and lectures with an impressive line-up. Help explore the new territories and draw the latest maps of the future. 

Opening event Friday 17 May at Toldkammeret - free admission
The CLICK Festival opens this year as early as Friday evening and will take place at a big joint dining event in Toldkammeret, followed by a concert arranged by one of the festival's collaborators DJFBA. Finally, there is a display of Chronicle Of Light Year, which is a co-production between the Culture Yard and Very Mainstream Studio (TW). There is free access to the official opening as well as the DJFBA concert and view of the Chronicle Of Light Year.

6.00 – 7.00 pm: Joint dining, Toldkammeret, the Dining Room - DKK 50 per person. Book a table at Dinner booking
7.00 – 7.30 pm: Official opening of CLICK Festival by Mikael Fock, head of Kulturværftet and Toldkammeret / CLICK Festival and others / free admission
8.00-10.00 pm: Concert with DFBJA, Toldkammeret / free admission
8.00-9.30 pm: Chronicle Of Light Year, Kulturværftet / free admission

Get behind the works
As something new, the festival offers tours both on Saturday and Sunday. Here you get the opportunity, via a guided tour into the festival, to get behind the works and the artists' thoughts. Both days at 1.00 pm and 4.00 pm.

In collaboration with the local school, 'Skolen ved Rønnebær Allé', and visual artist Jacob Tækker children and families are invited to explore the increasingly fluid boundaries between identity in the physical and virtual world. The exhibition Respawn works in the span between identity, nationality, memory and freedom in a digital world, and you will find it in Hall 18. Read more

Stage art at Helsingør City Hall
Based on Helsingør citizens' own stories and speculations about our common future, the performance Extended Falls to Humanity by recoil performance group creates a choreographic, visual and musical experience of the individual's and the collective's presence in the political space. Using 3D sound and scenography and in collaboration with four dancers, the work gives the audience a new experience of the local community and the local town hall. Read more
Taste the festival
From crispy pork roast sandwich and baby squid calamari style to organic ice cream cortado: The restaurant Spisehuset rolls out food trucks during the event, and there are goodies for every taste.

CLICK and "classic" Sunday
During Sunday's program at CLICK Festival, you can also experience a more classic program when we pay tribute to the late American singer, pianist, dancer and not least composer Julius Eastman with three concert performances from respectively

Sofia Jernberg (SE)
Jace Clayton (US) / Julius Eastman memorial dinner
Apartment House (UK) / Feminine

Read more about Julius Eastman here.

Citizen ticket Sunday - free admission
Sunday catches up on the festival's packed program, and if you are a citizen of Helsingør municipality, you can enter the festival for free on Sunday 19 May. All you have to do is bring your health insurance card.

CLICK Festival reiterates the success of previous years and provides the opportunity for festival guests to stay overnight. Wake up with the Øresund as a sound carpet and with a view of Kronborg - read more



Allegade 2

3000 Helsingør

Opening hours

08 Aug 20 / 28 Aug 20


14:00 - 19:00


11:00 - 16:00

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