Bike the City

Bike the City

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Københavns Cykelbørs, Gothersgade 157

1123 København K


Phone:3314 0717

Discover the freedom of GPS-guided bicycle tours with Bike the City, and explore Copenhagen at your own pace.

Bike the City offers bike tour experiences for the independent-minded traveller. On the tours you keep your freedom to improvise as you do not have to follow a group or a guide.

You get a unique chance to take your time while you learn about the real Copenhagen, its life and history.

How does it work?

You rent a bicycle with a user-friendly GPS/audio device mounted on the handlebar. The device contains several thematic tours, each with maps, narration and images.

You pick the tour you like and off you go. You follow scenic and safe bike routes most visitors will not find by themselves, and without wasting time getting lost.

Bike the City also has Danish design tours, which offer discounts at each stop.

Improvise your own urban discovery

The bike tours give you all the local knowledge of guided group tours, but with the freedom to go when you like, stop where you want and discover shops, cafes, galleries, sights you come across all along the route. As well as the possibility to stop and talk with people you meet.

You will be guided along bike-friendly streets to the best sights in the city, both highlights and local secrets, depending on which tour you choose.

If you feel like improvising as you ride, the GPS guide will always show you the shortest way back on track. At each destination the audio guide will give you original, entertaining and in-depth stories about what you see.

What is included?

The price includes full-day rent of a 3-gear Raleigh bicycle. The battery in the GPS/audio guide will last min. five hours. This allows you to do more tours on the same day at no extra cost.

Tours are in Danish, English, French or German.


Københavns Cykelbørs, Gothersgade 157

1123 København K

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