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Andersen & Maillard, Nordhavn

If you’re a coffee-loving pastry-fan, go visit Andersen & Maillard in upcoming Nordhavn,

Maybe you´re already familiar with Andersen & Maillard in Nørrebro, and then you know that they’re all about two main attractions: exceptionally good coffee and over the moon delicious pastry. They’ve been taking those two main pillars with them, when opening their second spot in upcoming Nordhavn – located at Gøteborg Plads 19, almost right below the two massive silos.

The guys behind Andersen & Maillard are none less than co-owner and coffee expert, Hans Kristian Andersen, and former Noma chef, Milton Abel. Together they’ve created a popular space for coffee-loving pastry-fans, where nothing is left to chance. From roasting and brewing of the coffee to their fluffy croissants – at Andersen & Maillard you’re experience of taste is all that matters.  

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