Liquorice Festival

The Liquorice Festival 2018 pays a tribute to the taste of liquorice

If there is something most Danes love it is liqourice. Salty, sweet, strong, rock hard or soft. On breakfast, ice cream, in cakes, just as candy og even as a spice in savoury dishes. There is almost no limits to the taste of liqourice, and that is what The Liquorice Festival 2018 wants to show and pay a tribute to. On March 24th and 25th you can visit a universe of flavour, talk to dedicated producers, meet other liquorice enthusiasts and taste your way through the world of liquorice. From the raw kind to chocolate, cakes, beer, cocktails and not least: food with liquorice.

With a ticket to the festival you are invited to a two hour guided experience, where you can look forward to be inspired by the dedicated chefs, try tasting samples from the kitchen and to take the recipes with you home. You can also talk to the hand-picked producers, taste their samples and watch The Liquorice Taste Award 2018, where a panel of judges will award The Taste of Liqourice 2018. This will happen Saturday at 2.30 pm. You can buy your tickets to the festival on their website.

Opening hours

24/03/2018 - 25/03/2018 Saturday, Sunday 10:00 - 16:30

Admission Price


200.00 DKK - 250.00 DKK

Child u. 12

100.00 DKK

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