Knuthenborg Safari Park

Knuthenborg Safari Park, the largest wild animal park in Northern Europe, offers a fascinating wildlife experience for the entire family. The Safari Park lets you get up close to the animals, so close you can almost touch them...and they you!

In this vast nature park, you will encounter free-range wild animals from all the world's continents. A magical encounter between man and animal, and you can experience more than 1,000 wild animals on your journey. 

You can also go 65 million years back in time with your family and wander through the dinosaur forest. Here you will run into lifelike and roaring dinosaurs. You can also meet the emus, the now living dinosaur relatives, and see authentic fossils and skeletons.  

Park facilities include an excellent and big playground, a steep water slide and the Kampala Express train to take you and your family on a ride. You can buy food at the Limpopoland or sit at the attractive BBQ and picnic areas. 

The Knuthenborg Safari Park is a mere 1,5 hours drive by car from Copenhagen. (2,5 hours by train and bus).

Admission Price


0 DKK- 225.00 DKK

Children under 12 yers

0 DKK- 135.00 DKK

Children under 3 years


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Knuthenborg Allé 1
4930 Maribo


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    • Saint Hannes Cross
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Longitude : 11.52722102
Latitude : 54.77171121