Conquer the streets of Copenhagen by bike

There's no better way to experience Copenhagen in spring than biking through the sunlit streets.

Garden of the Royal Library, Copenhagen, VisitCopenhagen

Explore the gardens & parks

Copenhagen has many parks and gardens that are perfect places to relax, sunbathe, go for a stroll or have a picnic.

Rosenborg Castle, Copenhagen, VisitCopenhagen

Picnic with delicious take away

Celebrate the warmer wheater with some delicious take away and a picnic in one of the Copenhagen parks 

Rosenborg Castle | Photo: Martin Heiberg

8 things you can't miss in spring

Visit Copenhagen's beatiful parks in the spring, sail around the canals and try the local food market.

Sightseeing by boat | Photo: Katinka Friis

Sightseeing tours in Copenhagen

Copenhagen offers lots of great guided or self-guided tours on foot, bus, bike or boat.

Day trips outside Copenhagen

8 reasons why you should explore beyond Copenhagen

With everything from stunning nature to world-famous castles, the reasons to go beyond Copenhagen are many. Here are eight of our favourite ones.

Reffen | Photo: Astrid Maria Rasmussen

Copenhagen food markets

Go nuts in food trucks and fresh groceries. Good, sustainable, organic street food is gaining ground in Copenhagen. 

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